Monaco, Sweden, Norwegian Government discussed on Monocle 24: The Globalist - Thursday 13 July


It's time to to business next and today we had to scandinavia a bit earlier monaco's macas hippie spoke to marius lawrenson a journalist from each 24 the norwegian out online publication for economy and business they started talking about reports that sweden would be keen to sell its stake in scandinavian airlines sas woah we do know is that a group according to the newspaper argument sweden as a small group investors they're looking to take on a big guess share the company they seemed to be struggling with the financing apparently according to the sources malir with this but what we do know from the shareholder side is that both the norwegian and this we discover meant have publicly stated for a long time now that they're interested in selling they just want to find the right by are basically because they want to make sure that the company as a strong uh ownership base that backs them up because that is of course very tough market these days running in her life announced music voting would be sweden buddies came to troy to so it's sharing the san company yeah so what happened last year was that vote sweden and norway reduced their shareholding ennasr stock sale and apparently it's now the swedish will at least primarily the swedish they lettuce is looking to to reduce their sake the norwegian government has had a order or a vote in the parliament those made in 2011 outta gives the government authority to sell the shares in sas bacon also actually join the steel potentially we'll see how that turns out but the talk now is about the swedish government and of course time will tell whether these investors could potentially uh governor money what's interesting of course is that there have been talks about.

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