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But Yeah is is incredible and We're going to be thought. It'd be i listen to on. It's amazing the amount of detail you go to in building a song i. It's the same or if you go. A master's degree might as well put use. Definitely did we're talk about that when we talk about. He doesn't deserve you. I i'm blown away by. I'm blown away. It's still trail the. I have to ride the laughing. Name eve also written a soundtrack for an award winning indie movie. Those that was less of a soundtrack to me more me banging a load of instruments and saying what sound second create from it. I was in france on a a unique trip and gig at a pub. Just 'cause i was. I went out for the night a found in a statistic into this student that was out a stand by how he's he's film. Directors like s co. I've always wanted to do harm. Soundtracks news michael. I have a horrid made me let me send it to you see what you can do. Things could performa watched it for how now about some guy having a brain snap like a eraserheads style. Yeah i just played around with as much golden stuff. As a kids and musical to rewrite everything musical twos ago still use all the structures. The era music was indeed orient. Or something like that i why. Why does this sound. Good as a try to do like danny alvin stuffing with no make make it a bit more john cage. Yeah it's so is trying to create a cups on you. I mean imitations are probably one of the most important things you can have a music. If you restrict yourself to just being in court in a song you you'll find lots of different things that you can do that being a whereas if you've got old if the courts the new in a paradox the choice of what to i put over this. We're gonna jump ahead to day second track and just talk about it. He doesn't deserve you. You tune the guitar using proceed was unusual guitar tuning in tuning up semi joan each tomato qatar jangling. Why jim june the actual guitar in what you mean the so of messing around the i did. Yeah yeah i in a lot of flack for that. Because i've been booked for a gig april roughing. That's ready hopeful but happens. I decided to get a little band together to just have more musicians playing. This is just me playing by myself on his pen. Ready to give musicians. Who want the chance to pull so full of timofey from let them play my music and the think he the guitar cycle in hates the tune. In 'cause it's just like one step off it's one semi tone up and the high chain down to a c. Shot so scott like a unisom ring with the string but the tracks also sped up by five bpm from when i recorded it. So it's a couple of sense off from a natural chaining to record the song or two regarded as you plan yet. So he he come practice along with at home because it all sounds wrong and he can't practice to anyway because he hates the chain in any call and figure out what the hell is meant to be playing of showing them feet. We've got to look at it down getting it together. But we've gone for a few times and which just so a waiting for the studio type against the today for this just to play in the the gig april. The song sad recorded in air in. I'm kinda dumb with alcohol. More songs to stoke in on with so talk. Talk about who. You meyer david. Bowie placebo. The cure at you also mentioned something. When meatloaf's in ohio a deluge of it me. Life was probably the first musicians already into Michael jackson was safest smith criminal And then meatloaf. I just loved how so epoch. He made his music like it was not a simple single pop song. Is you with them. You you get the full experience like say a rock up pro on every single track eating care five six minutes gone. No i agree with you. Likes of a song. Have you ever seen him a concert. I've watched videos on youtube and stuff like that but I saw i saw him in concert. Lou show he's saying he's insane and now the faa seeing him alive. Think about see the energy on youtube videos. Eddie put him in a live shell It was a great night. I forget who is headlined for. It could have been a big green. But i'm probably wrong. I what i've been. Somebody brought concert statements about selling. It's now because i remember on facebook. I said oh yeah i went to meet. They fronted for queen and my girlfriend who went to the concert through said. You're wrong. I forget i forget who she told me it was. There was some other ban incredible. Show i always say if you can remember night. you didn't enjoy enough anyway. Let should be a quote. I used to publish that man. I'll to come ashore at some point. So tell me about the transfer going to hear next a history of violent great. So this is this is another part of the ep. The arrived at university. He doesn't you a history of They go they go into each of a history of violence was the fed trachoni and he doesn't deserve he was the full of a star wars. The and an history findings so of deals with the relationship of this completely terrible dysfunctional couple. Light that drug addicts constantly fighting and bickering. Just been horrible to each other. But they're still that semblance of love sto- in them they don't really know anything else so it's not really on other people to tell that couple of weather there in lebanon because you can still be really violent and love someone at the same time. I'm not like consigning spouse who abuse. It's a terrible thing like this gonna help like if you experience it. Get help line or something like that. This is completely fictional is just like you know the the parents in south park can parents constantly fighting in. They're always angry. H of a together for reason like they still love each other and wants to be with each other. It's whole so contrast in dynamic of violence in the relationship and it's both sides. Well if you take the via contacts out about Basically creative craig store of a dysfunctional relationship regardless whether it is violence in there because a lot of people are in dysfunctional relationships forever. I so i i. You couldn't Anybody listen to song can relate to it. Relate to it or violence comes in many forms. Yeah right now so Well i think people get a lot at that and your artistic brandishing of that horrible situation is well thought. Show if to relate to it though. Please seek help. These are fictional characters. You know men surly notice on ear site. I do notice on your website. You are very clear about that. And you also put the helplines for domestic abuse. Sister line there can. It's okay yeah. I no yeah definitely so next. Stop working on a history of violence.

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