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Of am seven forty kcbs hey cbs news time five fifty one you may have heard is talking about this story before the north bay fires have hindered a high school choirs quest to perform at new york's carnegie hall the kcbs as larry sharoni says a banking billionaire might just get them there yet east coast financier and philanthropist sanford weill heard the santa rosa high school concert choir story on kcbs last month and is offered a challenge here's the choirs director karaban bochy i'm interested in supporting our cars i think it's great for what you're doing with the kids and i would like to issue a challenge grant of fifteen thousand dollars towards your trip lombard she says to get that fifteen grand they have to raise thirty thousand dollars he says there's also a local connection with the wild family foundation being one of the main benefactors of weill hall at cinema state university while is also president of the board of trustees of carnegie hall felt new that the kicks want to kick out a thing there and that they already in throughout this stuff this year and then we had this canas six degrees connection between our while ah here and carnegie hall they're a bunch you use ready for whatever happens she's already ordered all the music for their performance in new york next month while checking the choirs gofundme page daily larry sharoni kcbs amazon says it is looking into reports that some people with those alexa enabled smart speakers have been hearing bursts of robotic laughter like this you don't want to hear that just suddenly coming out of the speaker in the corner your living room takes different horse yes reports about this problem been popping up on social media.

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