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Our labor with a day off back tomorrow on my talk one. Oh 71. Oh, my gosh! Little royal music. Yes, well, yesterday of this made me so happy The crown gave us our first look at the new Princess Diana. And Prince Charles for season five. And it's of course, Dominic West is playing Charles and Elizabeth. Did. Becky is playing Diana? Yeah, we posted it. Take a look at them. They They look amazing. But the thing that was making me so happy yesterday was thinking about Prince Charles. Seeing that everyone thinks that Dominic West is too hot to play him and that they made Prince Charles with a little attractive. But also, you know, really thought I kind of thought back in the day that he was not bad looking because he had royal de we exactly. That's right, Mary Princess Diana and we went around in a kilt and Yeah, yeah. No, I'm not just hot. I mean, hot in a hot because he was royal. That was it. You otherwise you know, because he he was right. He was right. That's yes, basically Ladder and don Dominic West. People were also yelling at him. And I'm like, Hey, this dude has proven his chops to port poetry. Prince Charles. He was Skuta ring and canoodling with Lily James in Rome, and then he staged a press conference outside of his wife's castle. Saying Our marriage is strong and fine. Do you know what I mean? He has the the acting jobs to portray Charles because he's been down this road has with the wife and I think that the hair and makeup people really did a great job because with Dominic the thing that they get right with him She's got, like a kind of a bend of a curling his hair around his ear around his ears, which Charles does and Charles stands very often. You know, in a suit with 11 hand in the pocket and Elizabeth to Vicky, That is totally how Diana or her hair at this Point in her life, and, um, so anyway, Just take a look at it. But Dominic does not really look anything like Charles in the way that Joshua Connor looked like the 100%, you know, so but Yeah, but really, Josh really captured something in Charles. The young Charles. I thought Oh, my gosh. So, um, anyway, 100% Lorien, the insecurity of him. Yeah, and that unloved nous of him and and they're filming right now and write about a month ago. Pictures of Imelda stunt and being Queen Elizabeth and, um So the DeBakey casting, I mean, she's just simply look so much like her place. She's tall and leggy like her, and we got to know her in the night manager. She was so good. That's a good thing to binge. Two grand. If you're looking for something old the night manager. Yeah, that was so good to see. It's a John Licari. No. Feel like it was only was it only like three. Two hour episodes. I like that. Yeah, it wasn't a big one. It wasn't a big one at all. It's probably like four years old. Maybe I probably because Benedict cumber by it one something for Denny. Tom Hiddleston. Tom? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, he was in the night manager. But this morning Kayleigh Heart tongue at G M A had a story about the the Diana effect because people were going so crazy over these two photos yesterday that were released by the Crown. And it's just Elizabeth. Becky. Like lying. I'll show it for the YouTube When you do this. No one can hear you talking because I was listening yesterday to you and Brittany and Grant and you would be saying, Oh, I'm going to do this for the YouTube crowd and you go away from your mind. I try to pump up her mind. She's always what I'm gonna do this over here. I brought my Mike. I'm sorry. I was just thinking so, as you're talking to everyone is watching. Live right? We can hear you on the radio in the car. I might add. I enjoyed our show yesterday without Be on it Good. Which is gonna be good and could be bad in so many ways all years. Oh, no, It was just kind of fun, though. It was fun listening? Yeah, right now, the best not having done, you know. Right. Okay, so let's play. Let's play G M A. Let's play the they had a story about inside the public's fascination with the late Princess of Wales, introducing the latest reincarnation of Princess Diana. Netflix, releasing this photo of actress Elizabeth DeBakey as the Princess of Wales in the upcoming new season of the crown. DeBakey taking the throne from season forced Diana Emma Corrin, her uncanny depiction, helping introduce her Royal Highness to a new generation of fans..

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