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Right that's really close because i'll circled the wagons on on my way if all day but you know what i think he probably feel the same way as her you have a couple of drinks young man you know why do they do that here i am only but why do they did not sure you're one hundred percent why she so angry that i'm hang up stars miami get over it with uglier it a beer played over it he is by the way as a hip hop finn and enough you can talk about that craig he's i'm writing adapting luther candles autobiography foreign i guess a movie a movie ah oh wow here is is i've never read it i assume it's insane it's insane yeah it's completely insane yeah it's like good fellas but with hiphop there is a muslim miami mostly yeah we ran city yeah i was very sad when fresh kid ice died insurers to i've crew certainly you know it's it's certainly upped to an archaic proved that the perspective they take what their music is certainly archaic and outdated enda you know it's uh if it's not wealth you you know it's all sexto stuff and i i would say that it while the time it does get a bit misogynist on of dissident yet i thought missing layers to the functioning that being said it was sort of music of another time and it was i was i was bummed when he died because i felt like that that was a huge huge free speech thing yeah remember david bowie is defending those guys noon that was an insane free speech yeah and.

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