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Services. Austin leaders are presented with multi-million dollar options for expanding the convention center. Scenario would be broken up into two phases tearing down part of the current center, and then rebuilding it to repurpose that usable space. Principal study investigator. Dean all me says that would mean a dramatic use of every possible square inch. You have the ability to take phase one and phase two and connect them under the street as a service component re other scenarios facilitate private development around the current center or doubling the center space to the west all options here, very expensive, four hundred million dollars to more than one billion dollars in hotel taxes and private investment, Patrick Osborne. Newsradio KLBJ five year old girl has died following injuries from a hit and run crash last month on Terry road in southeast Austin now people who live in that area are asking the city for help Mirasol Bello tell CBS sauce. She's very worried about the other kids were playing in that area. Have a lot of bumps except for this one. And that's why a lot of cars. They're like, oh, they don't see no bonds. They they can go faster. And she thinks new speed bumps would prevent a lot of the problems that are caused by the speeders in that area. Some Austin restaurants are now adding an extra charge on customer's bills, it's to pay for employees health insurance. One of those restaurants on fifty third street is called foreign and domestic co owner, Nathan Linley tells cave, you it's an optional three percent surcharge that actually is the cheapest way to provide health insurance to raise prices on our food. We'd have to raise it a dollar per item. Basically, it was the least amount we can raise. And now it actually costs.

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