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Tac airport last night traveler Raymond Wong tells us people in the city are terrified and that there's a shortage of mass and cleaning supplies area code all passengers coming from China being screened for fever and respiratory symptoms at sea tac health officials in Vancouver British Columbia have confirmed the province's second case of coronavirus the woman recently had family visits from war Honda center of the outbreak the first case involving a man in his forties when recently traveled will on both victims are isolated state of Washington still has only one confirmed case of the illness a lawsuit against the Washington police department expected to go forward after a small teenager was kicked by officers trying to break up a fight como's Brian Kelberg has more can happen at the twenty eighteen central Washington state fair Trenton white Ford says he was trying to defend his brother from gang members when a Yakima police officer pepper sprayed then kicked the five foot fourteen in the back forcing him to the ground attorney bill Pickett anybody watching the video knows it wasn't appropriate prosecutors disagreed and cleared the officer of excessive force charges the lawyer's response when the police investigate themselves there is an inherent bias ticket filed notices client intended to sue the city of Yakima city never responded so now that lawsuit will move forward he will forever distrustful lease you suing for one hundred thousand dollars for injury suffered the city has responded this time only to say it doesn't talk about pending lawsuits Brian Calvert komo news downtown Seattle residents business owners and others calling and civic leaders to do something after the deadly shooting at third and pine wondered seventy five people signing a letter sent to the Seattle mayor city attorney city council king county prosecutor and other leaders expressing console concern over what Third Avenue has become an open drug market they say Ricky owner owns the wild ginger restaurant hoping that but.

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