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What's your at the whole thing was so by the time you get the sainthood, you thinking you're driving an SUV something? No, she and how did she get from where she was? And we did all these people the Padre Pio by location. You ever think about that? And imagine it So anyway, there she is. In the window. Two ft from my face, and she said, Well, hello. And I said Mother to raise it. How wonderful. Uh and she put out her hand. And that's what I was going to tell you. There was a handshake. Yeah. And this handshake Now this was before Make Sagar a year before you met Mick Jagger. This was the most exquisite handshake that I have ever Ever until that moment experienced in my life. That woman's heart and soul were in her hand. Shake the warmth, the beauty of it. She was so warm and open to Thomas and me. She chatted with us a little. When she shook my hand. I kissed her hand. I was so moved by by God creating this insane coincidence. This weird place where we We got our own private little moment with her. In a pickup truck and a pickup truck. And I'll I have to say is the two greatest handshakes I ever had in my life were from a saint and a bit of a demon. Yeah, that's about right. As you said them was, was an on groping kind of a gap. Love and the other one was a kind of a more arrows. Kind of love. Since we're talking New Testament loves we're going to break Helps. I wouldn't go away if I were you charging, swinging down the streets of fancy free Nobody. You meet good..

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