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They're working today and taking away the right lane. We still have a little bit of heavy traffic. Unfortunately, getting out of Fredericksburg running south on I 95 for about the last two or three hours, crews racing against the weather to try to finish up the paving project before Thornburg. I think crews are still down there, and I think they're still blocking that right leg because there's definitely still slow traffic. Jack Taylor w T o p Traffic Forecast. Now with Lauryn Ricketts clouds in place and will have showers increasing after lunch mid to upper eighties today in humid bands of rain for everybody after lunch, But after about five o'clock, it becomes more concentrated. I 95 in points eat and then late tonight, after about 10, mainly east of I 95 is where we're going to see some heavy rain. It will be breezy for everybody. The strongest winds close to the shoreline. That's where we could find a couple inches of rain. It'll be gone by daybreak tomorrow. Partly sunny tomorrow near nine. Indian scattered showers and thunderstorms for everybody Tomorrow afternoon. Some could be strong Storms Import meteorologist Lauryn Ricketts 78 degrees in Waldorf. We have 77 80 in Fairfax City. It's 80 degrees in Rock Creek Park brought to you by long fence. 20% off savings on fences, decks and papers. Go to long fence common schedule Your free estimate today. 9 11, now in the Northwest D C neighborhood is divided over what to do about homeless encampments in two small parks. Some residents want residents want the homeless to be forced out. But others say they should be allowed to stay until the city finds them. Housing traffic passes 12th Street on Mass Avenue Not far from Mount Vernon Square here.

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