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Go check it out in theaters. Listen, Tom here, hispan- we love baseball. We love major league. Jake Taylor's on the most iconic performances of all time. What are you? What are you going to major league gimme any store you want? Because I, I love that film and still treasuring. Well, until you some interesting. Yeah, that I think it'll be round absolutely forever. You know, kinda like part of the keys. You know, that movie will always be around. It's it's sort of a number one. It's baseball and interesting thing. I was in a coffee shop a little coffee shop and Connecticut. One morning sitting there having coffee reading paper, something and three guys walk up to me. One was grand was grandfathered. The other was a father and played a couple of years of pro baseball with the Yankees and then his son. So I'm sitting there and they were all major league. Majorly. The sound I'm looking at three three generations. And I said, you know what? Why after I'm dead, all of you and even him, people will still be watching this movie. That's kinda nice. It's very rewarding. They agreed. How about the chemistry on guys Charlie Sheen. Wesley Snipes that we can see the hiding sunscreen movies alike offset pranks pulled was. It was pretty close. Yeah, it was very close. I mean, it's a really, really, I mean, really nice guys and very funny, you know, I'm in courtroom birds star. He had me in stitches. I just. All recommended him for another movie. I did, and and he played the part played like my business partner, Roger director, we Germans. I don't know. You gotta meet him and director CISCO's. Oh yeah, he's great. But she knew him somehow. And so he met him. I happen to walk by office and I heard them laughing inside and I go, how long has he been in there? They they've been in there in our this way. It's been going who's been doing. I o I did. He got the job. And I still see Corbin quite a bit. I run into him all the time inception, Tom, that you're terrific that movie, you know, Christopher Nolan's great director. What's it like work with him on set and Golic. Capri. Oh. Well, learn cabriolet total Jomon and and I like that you know, respected that and Christopher Nolan is like first of all, he's always on the right by the camera when it rolls. So it's old school, you know, he's not like in some of the room. We're gonna little screen. He's got that in his hand. So we can see the composition, the camera moves, but he's right there. You know, he's right there next camera like you'll be like it was when I started before they had TV assist. And we very, he's very smart. He has the whole the whole movie in its head. It's already cut probably in his head, which on that kind of movie you go, how does he remember all this? Even though we wrote it, how does he remember it? Because it was a little confusing for us at time. It constantly know where we were at in the story because their dreams. And dreams are weird. He's cuss Wrexham's kinda guy the probably I don't know this for sure, but I got to be a great chess player. He's just that kinda mind very smart guy. But if you're if you're explaining Tom inception to someone, do you find a tricky to explain it to somebody or you not the level that you can find that you can disseminate the plot fairly easily. I can't. I, I. When I saw the first time in Los Angeles like a premier there, I guess in and the young Irish actor that I played kind of like his uncle protege, and I asked him, I said, did you, did you understand this?.

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