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Dot org getting all that P doctors and nurses over these last five weeks so thanks for your help with that everybody out there listening. All Right Steve. Let's talk about survivor. Big Night Jeremy goes out in the first hour nick in Arab second our. What's the what's terrible? Jared Jeremy. Going out it's terrible. It's terrible would happen. I mean I don't think Jeremy Could've made it to the end. It sure seems like People were committed to taking them out. Boy I was very upset. Yeah Interestingly Jeremy Ends up you know so. Much of Jeremy Story over these last couple of seasons has been jeremy playing advantages for other people people playing advances on Jeremy. This time it was. Michelle's coin flip comes up right but just maybe did not push hard enough for Michelle to play the coin onto this time but she would have gone home at the coin. Flip Ben on on him he would have been safe however then it would be a two split votes on ban two votes on her. That would have been a revote. And the revolts obviously would've gone gone towards her death for definite what does for definition. I mean yes. That's how the I think. So when there's a tie vote right there's a revote and then then that don't don't make it like a stupid question that Notre there's no stupid questions just stupid co host. Oh come on come on well. It was honestly wasn't sure what you're asking. I'm still to that I was. I was asking that if you had already worked out the numbers that on a on a revote if if people like neck or other people on the fence might have voted out. Michelle in that spot over Ben since Ben was also a person who was up for consideration to be voted out in this episode. Tony don't have even considered blindsiding him because of him having an idol and potentially his fire making abilities. Yeah you're absolutely right and I'm sorry I did. I truly. It was not trying to be dismissive. I was literally just asking you what you were asking. Because I wasn't sure if you meant like the mechanics of the game or the way the votes were coming down now. Let's talk about votes so Jeremy would be able to vote. Presumably he's voting for Michelle Cam. Vote in this situation and Ben Cambodian the situation right. That leaves Jeremy Tony Sarah and Nick and we think the we know Jeremy's voting for Ben You Know Nick. We don't know where he's going. We assume Tony and Sarah are probably voting for Michelle here. My guess is Neko's Michelle in that situation because he was part of vote. Split on Jeremy Michelle. It'd be very weird for him to just back back it up and switched sides entirely. Yeah I think that Tony Sarah Denise at the very least I think probably still on an still still. WanNa keep ben around whereas nick might be wanting to keep. Michelle around they at least had a working relationship but Who knows it does? It does seem like I hadn't even thought that in terms of Michelle being the person who gone out on a revote after the coin flip I think so for sure I mean that was again like that was the impression I got right like typically with the split vote. That's the idea if someone placing idle. Then we just stack votes on the other person and my assumption was just that that majority alliance with hang tight and vote. You know down the line down the line for Michelle. What did you think Michelle tossing? The coin is that a legal coin. That was that was not a flip that was not a flip a law. Jeff should've been the one to flip a coin. I'll play like a board game with my kid. And they believe me they do this. It's like they're like all right. I need this number and they just sort of like like just generally like toss the dice like on the side up that they want an exactly like if this is Vegas and this is the crap stable. You gotta hit the back of the board here. Yeah you hold on you. Hold your kids to account. You're saying you're saying Jeff is not holding the survivor contestants to the same standard that you're holding your kids to I mean in the NFL like when it's the coin flip they don't say too though like all right Sam Darnold here you flip the coin. I mean the call it in the air. That's how a coin flip work. That's so Sam. Darnold yeah Like Sam Darnold good for Michelle though good good for Michelle. I don't know she if she practice date. If she knew that they were gonNA be the one to flip the coin Truly that would that should not have counted. I completely agree. But yeah maybe she was razzle-dazzle with like Jeff would be so in the moment. Yeah maybe maybe he was like the moment great nine from. Shell though read night for Michelle. Yeah Yeah Mississauga. Michelle's all nights. I mean yeah. Michelle is in like the the Koran Zone where now don't forget about Michelle your own peril because now sleep on Michelle. Yeah don't sleep on Michelle just locked in one the immunity here at the first of our final sixes and now she's potentially on the upswing. Yeah Yeah I mean what a great fun thing? That was where I mean. Nick effectively eliminated himself from the game. Yeah D- talk that through with me that ultimately he ends up saying he should. He should've used the disadvantage on Michelle. Well I mean it just seemed like you know I mean maybe right. Maybe it's hard. It's hard to say. Nick had the right idea where I really thought that this plan was going to work. I I thought that Ben was going to get voted out. I think that maybe the mistake was not trying to play up enough to ban potentially life. Boy who would be crazy. Enough to play a disadvantage. Like I'm getting so I'm getting real tired of Tony with all his advantages and tricks that he's doing like I felt like that. Maybe he didn't push that button hard enough. I thought he had the right idea. Nick Yeah Yeah it did seem like everyone's attempts at inception tonight. Just did not work at all you ben trying to like create strife between Jeremy and Michelle. That was sort of a starter. Like denise thing was like people were like. Yeah Okay Whatever. Like there was no right. Dissembling didn't work. People are trying hard to be trixie but like these people have played enough. They've seen did you. Did you feel that? Nick did something in particular that led to his own demise in because. I was surprised that it it was nick. It seems well. I mean just the pure causality right like it looked like Ben probably would have won that challenge. Had He not had that major disadvantage I mean who knows right who knows was infinitely confusing or infinite. You know like a butterfly philbin winning would've caused Michelle to go to. That's what I'm that's what that was my read on the episode was that Nick gave the disadvantage to Ben. Ben Looked like he would have won because he was very close even with that disadvantage and had been one. It sure seems like Michelle would've gone on that being said like nick still like the final six slash. Six point five and Nick needs to put himself in a position to win. So like for you know this question that. Michelle asked him at the midpoint of the episode of like how the Hell are we? What are you doing with the end? Yeah Yeah like key needed to do something. 'cause like you know if anything. I think next mistake in this episode I mean based on these two hours being strung together. Maybe it shines more. Have a spotlight on. It was that it seems like that. The decision to vote for Germy and not Ben at that I draw council seemed like it led directly. Do this where benzes. I can't beat Germany but Michelle says yet but now we have no shot to get to the end. Yeah and that really seemed well. That's definitely the case for but I mean it did seem like he really shut the door and all they're all you know. We see very clearly that Ben Sarah and Tony have is an unbreakable solid final three. Maybe that's not as clear to nick. Michelle seems to see it right. We see that Denise and Ben are super tight and therefore like that's kind of the presumptive final four. Yes so getting rid of Jeremy when he could take out ban is like I mean I get to fear of. You can't beat Jeremy Not Be Jeremy but you know having Jeremy there is someone who you can take out later you know. There's only a few votes left but it does seem like he should have kept Jeremy around just to swing votes at different way. I don't know I mean that's it's easy to say now. Having seen the episode we have such a clear perception of where the lines are drawn. They don't have that. Yeah you throughout the two hours. I that Ben was going to be one of two people to go home in this episode especially when we got to the point that the nickname is a really good point about the fire. Making challenge of how we stopping. Ben here what are we doing this? Is Tony Sarah are just on board with like hey would benz getting vote votes where we've got if it's if it's the three of us in the end. I can live with that. Yeah I mean what I didn't get. Was you know how it went back to nick because it looked like and I'm Jay? I want your perspective on this. It looked like nick had talked through it with you know Tony and convinced him that needs to be bent. So twenty. Got To be Ben then. Tony was like no way. Tony does his tree tree. Shack thing and yanks wait. It's gotta be denise and then suddenly it's back to back to nick with like what about the intermediate go. Why did it know? Skip Ben you know. Why didn't they go back and sit? Sit on Ben for a little bit. Yeah I don't know I don't really know what the imminent threat was about that. You heard a lot of negative things from the other players throughout the season. Your ban tonight talking about how it's not working. He's trying to play both sides that people everybody sees what he's doing and then. Sarah said well he's the underdog and that seemed. That was the one piece of information that we got as to say well he could be. Potentially somebody who I ended up being somebody that the jury could rally around. Yeah that's and that's a really compelling point because I thought that was a really smart observation I mean. We started the episode with kind of being dismissive of that aspect of next game right that everyone sees him scheming and and but it is a really compelling point that Sarah makes that like the jury really does root for the person who is opposing the people who vote them out and Tony voted everyone out as Michelle pointed out. Sort of an impossible person to be at this point in the game..

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