West Aurora School District, Josh Campbell, ABC discussed on Sean Hannity


Burrow, Bob Gonzalez works nearby. All right. That's our crack ABC network there without the sound bites working. Let's continue on then as you just heard. It is true that from the video we're getting right now, it doesn't seem to be any great sense of urgency other than just sheer numbers of law enforcers. But also as you just heard it isn't clear what kind of seeing there may have been in the moments before the TD helicopters cameras around here. We're just getting a tweet now from a school district in this neighborhood. This is the west Aurora school district advising they're going into a soft lockdown. Let me read to the note that just went out to parents. That says parents there are reports of an active shooter at the Henry Pratt building near Cleveland and prairie just east of Luigi pizza as a result. We are holding all district students in place for their safety. There is a police presence in the area per directions from the county sheriff the district has been advised to go into a soft lockdown situation across the district. Teaching will continue with reduced movement normal operations will resume when the soft lockdown. It has been lifted. No one will be allowed to leave or enter our buildings until that lockdown has been lifted against soft lockdown is what they're calling this. Josh what exactly is that? Yeah. So any type anytime there's an incident like this. We often, you know will focus on the actual facility in question. That's a law enforcement doing obviously trying to find out where the threat is. And they'll move in that in that location. But we also have to keep in mind that is you wind the perimeter in the aperture. There are lots of businesses schools other facilities that are near, you know, potentially near a active shooter. They also have to take certain precautions. Because again, if there's someone that has gone to executive location to cause harm than they flee. There are now a potential number of areas where that person can seek shelter. So you you see that in these situations. And that's why communications become so important, and I'll say for, you know, for CNN's part as well with the media because getting the word out to these areas that look there's a situation that's in your location. This is why law enforcement uses social media. This is why they're, you know, they're trying to get their message amplified because they want people to know what's going on in how they they want them to respond. That's former FBI special agent Josh Campbell there. In addition to that school alert from the Associated Press. Just now the city of Aurora Illinois has issued an official active shooter alert in this area torturing and industrial area with those police on the scene continue to follow this over the next few minutes..

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