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Give a one time payment of twelve hundred dollars to individuals made less than seventy five thousand dollars in twenty nineteen couples that made less a hundred less than a hundred fifty thousand would get twenty four hundred heads of household can get an extra five hundred dollars per child the treasury will wire the money rather than sending a check for anyone who's used direct deposit with the IRS no special sign up is required for anyone who's been working and paying taxes since twenty eighteen this also includes people on social security who don't make enough money to file tax returns up to the minute info on the corona virus you can go to our website KFI am six forty dot com keyword virus United States labor department is recorded the highest ever number of weekly unemployment applications and returns case has nearly three point three million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week it's as if everyone in the entire city of Chicago suddenly lost their job and these three point three million are people who were successful at filing claims systems in a number of states have crashed and there may be many more Americans who have wanted to file but couldn't previous weekly record for U. S. unemployment claims was set in nineteen eighty two last week's totals more than four times larger than that just before the pandemic the U. S. unemployment rate was at a fifty year low three point five percent your hands up at the disco in YMCA by the village people is being inducted into the national recording registry is one of twenty five recordings to get the honor this year Dr J's debut rap album the chronic Tina Turner's padded dans and Whitney Houston's cover of Dolly Parton I will always love you are some of the other musical pieces getting the preservation treatment check on the crash.

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