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Sound like it meant something that speech by Joe Biden was wonderful. It was the greatest speech she's ever made in his career. But it probably was because it doesn't take much for Joe Biden to make a crappy speech, even if it makes any sense or it's not a lie. So that might have been a good speech. I'm sure there was some kind of gimmickry. I'll say it now. I believe that speech was pre taped and patched together. Paste and patch whatever you wanna call, and he had his little ear thing and is here. Joel. Stay away, Joe. Stay awakes Course Joe, and you know they're trying to make something of that. But it's all about the issues and they couldn't talk much people are complaining. And the critics are saying We didn't talk much about issues. But what are they going to do? We're gonna highlight people like the mayor of Seattle or the mayor of New York for the mayor of Portland. And talk about how they're tough on crime and law and order in their story. Cities were being burned to the ground by anti find black lives matter, and they're destroying their police department. You know, I mean, is that what they're going to talk about? Because that is That is what the Democrat Socialist Radical Party is all about, Right? You know, it is so they can talk about Public safety and law and order. Why not? Because they don't support it? They are criminal advocates. Look at Maryland, Moses be Look at the Attorney general of New York State who wants to go after The National Rifle Association. Look at the guy over there in Seattle, the state's attorney, all of these people supported by George Rock sorrows their campaigns paid for by George Soros. The guy in Seattle the minute they lock up people for a lot of, you know, including and Rioting. They get right back out. There's no bail. Same thing in Portland, that state's attorney, I think George Soros I read somewhere elected 23 States attorneys. District Attorney's Whatever you wanna call him, you know, like Maryland, Moses for various cities and counties across the nation. They're all anti Law and order. They supporting Antifa. Train and its beginning work in Portland, Oregon. They ain't dumb, Are they? I mean, that's if I was Auntie for that's where I'd go because the mayor's assistant, and I don't mean gay. He's just weak. And he's an anti cop. So that's that's where I would start right. Yeah, So they're not that dumb. So they trained there for years. And now every day they're trying to burn the police stations down. Now they're actually going in the neighborhoods and harassing people. That's where they intend to go on what they intend to do. Anyway. That's what it's all about. So Biden can't talk about issues. You take the issue of taxes. President Trump cut taxes right, he said. He's going to cut them again. And right now he's removed temporarily. The payroll tax. What did Joe Biden Fine. He's a tax aholic, he said. I'm going to raise five taxes. That reminds me a whole Walter Mondale when he was running against Ronald Reagan, and he said, I'm going to raise your taxes. I don't know what brilliant strategist advising President Mondale to do that. But you got to remember the radical Democrats living an alternative universe. And they think that's important. Go out there and be honest. Tell them you're going to tax them to death. You know you are. We are when we believe in taxing people to death. Let's just go do it. Tell him about it. That's what they think. That's how they think it's really scary stuff, isn't it? All right. We're gonna take some calls, and then we're going to ask you a question. I'm gonna go into the future. We're going to ask you for your ability to predict the future. Okay? Everybody has an idea. We're going to ask you what Your idea is. In the future. If Biden wins. What will happen? To the people of the United States. I mean, we had Barack Obama for eight years and he created he initiated he generated the tea party movement. Now buy and the radical left and Bernie is running the show. We know Bernie and his people are running the show. If they take over and start doing all this crazy stuff. How will the American people react? What do you think? OK, let's talk with Jimmy. Get the morning started. Jimmy. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? Good. Great. I want to congratulate you on your run. You should have one. And everything you said was gonna happen happened Did. It's just getting started would be in school right now. In Baltimore, you'd be in school. You wouldn't have a sanctuary. County cops would be doing their job. There would be no section Eight of the robberies had helicopters out here already. Oh, yeah. And you wouldn't have had fireworks going off for a month. That's sweet. That's our sign of squeegee boys that isthe It's terrible, really ridiculous. People lost American character. I tell you, I don't understand this and how they can be so knowledgeable in so petty to do Well, they've been lied to by the big media, and they've been on educated by education. Jimmy, I'm gonna put you on hold because we've got to take a break for the news, okay? Now keeping you connected with the latest views. This is talk radio 6 80, wcbm and wcbm dot com. Good morning, It's 9 30. I'm Michael Philip Ellie in the 6 80 Wcbm.

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