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Legalzoom legalzoom dot com promo code down and theraworx relief dot com i was watching tmz last night because i'm a genius and i saw chris brown and his new trucks ter which is a little bit somewhere between the winnebago they had in stripes and the suv they hadn't damnation alley or something like some sort of crazy super truck do you know anything about that bulletproof doors oh doc was asking is he could get a truck and do he wanted to do something similar was it can you describe what it is he wasn't using his words as gary gary will will look it up it's it's a one off company there's a lot of you know what's happening called risvan z tank revanche tank now what is happening is because of cad design and computer and see and see all these companies can make one off or small batch stuff or in the past that have to be the big three now all these customize irs all these bespoke guys can make the small sort of numbers of super vehicles it probably has like a four diesel d'or attack engine or whatever they don't make their own engines that's that's too much money they started off with some sort of dodge ram chassis or something on a truck or frame and then they go from there i'm guessing gary actually put on the they trained to still the factory i here's what here's what i'll say hold on carol jumping it'll have like bulletproof runflat tires i think it has some sort of electric electrified door handles or something it always have bulletproof glass and it'll have some sort of filtration system or something like if somebody lights off a smoker nader something and this one says it has like tax strips and stuff that shoot out from it but gary what about.

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