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Last night and I realized offensively he is struggling. Right now He's just not hitting the way he hit in in may it's more likely look like an April the tremendous. May in part of June but, he's really cooled off still hitting to eighty eight I think it's still the highest. Average, on the, team but for him last night if you were part of the, crowd out here or saw the game on TV last night he made a play down the left field line now you know there's a tremendous. Amount of foul territory here at the, Oakland Coliseum and it is Sunday. Morning and have a little bit more time to chat before the professor is chatting with us calls in about nine thirty but if you've been at the Coliseum you don't have much, foul territory there is and I always wondered. Why, there was so much foul territory here at this beautiful ballpark that was built for the as in nineteen. Sixty eight and constructed around sixty six. But the as got here at sixty eight well Monte more wonderful broadcaster for. The as who I really love listening, to in the seventies and, the eighties he did some TV by the time Bill king. Had gotten here with lawn to do. The radio in the eighties but money, told me the story said when the stadium was constructed For baseball it was laid, out and Joe DiMaggio was one of the coaches for the Oakland Athletics the great hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio believe it, or not was in Oakland Athletics coach in nineteen. Sixty, eight Charlie, Finley the maverick owner the the one man band the one man, front office was running the team in those days and had come to the bay area and blustering and never quite got his traction here in. The bay area for the great teams, that he had well he loved. The stadium and he loved Joe DiMaggio and he took Joe up to the third deck now you know the third deck here at the Coliseum I'm not talking about Davis I'm talking, right behind where I am I'm on the. Press, level but above me is the third deck and he said to Joe DiMaggio Joe how do you like. The field and Joe said boy it's. Beautiful Charlie but from the third deck where the heck is home play so. From the third deck you could not, see home plate from behind The, backstop and of course. These are seat say you know that they're going to want to sell you couldn't see. Home plate you can see the header, so they had to take the whole, field, and push it forward and. That's how, we got so, much foul territory here the. Oakland Coliseum there is nothing like it in baseball I would imagine in the early days of baseball in the late eighteen hundreds nineteen hundreds before the steel and concrete stadiums were built you probably had stadium similar to. This, where there's a tremendous amount of open space and, there are only wooden grandstands but this was a. Modern, ballpark so Joseph Charlie I I can't see home. Plate so they had to. Push it out and if you can. Picture it they pushed it, out enough so you could see home. Plate from the third deck but, by, doing that the stands are already? In place the, concrete, stamps are already, in place and all this, foul territory was created because you. Couldn't build more stands to, catch up to this foul territory and that's That's the way it happened so that's why the stadium is constructed the way it is now. Since then They've cut off a little bit of the foul territory with. Special boxes that they sell where people can sit just to the the right and, left of, the dugouts and there are some diamond, level seats like the, giants have right. Behind home plate so they they push that forward? A little bit but there's still tremendous tremendous foul territory so what brought it up for me. Was, Crawford and I've seen Eric Chavez play, here for years and he was tremendous going down the line well Crawford. Did, it last night from shortstop and. He caught a ball that was just unbelievable on a pop up again you've got so much foul territory you have to understand it and he went down, the line cut into. The bullpen beyond the bullpen and at stretch, that glove and got that pop up just a tremendous play so not to be..

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