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Do they go for. An hour's worth of the movie to dr kraft's ex's house there. What are they spend the rest of the movie at the house. And he's not there is enough being there. Guess what it didn't happen so it doesn't really weren't there that's true it was his fantasy house. Oh my god away so they go to the house and then i can't remember enough to go through one by one but a lot more trauma things happen like the alcoholic ladies sees the alcohol on the guys barr says all you see that my dad had his alcohol her travel which i will say i thought oh what a great moment to have. The flashback beat in the mirror. And they do that. So i was like trying to fancy nick. What what did you think of the movie so far. We're at at this point in watching it to get to the house. He start getting more trauma background. Where are you at mentally. Because this was the moment. This was a moment. I pause the film and i said i'm quitting the podcast. I'm not finishing was finishing this. And i'm not i'm stayed with it for fans for dole for you. It was for you. Marcus maye tabby. I don't want anything to do with you ever again while nick you cut out are you making a segue. I don't audio cut out now. But i was waiting for you. I was like a excited. So sorry i'll tell you yes. I was ready to stop watching this film here. Well that's your opinion. Let's find out other people's opinion and this game. Roll the clip me. now try this trivia. Now try this trivia trivia and. We're back okay nick. Are you ready this nor the the talented okay dash or four to made this game. I play oh thank you okay. I like conversation doing and chat. Sorry like how we're we're having a whole conversation over here that's the show and then there's a whole conversation. The has nothing to do with statues in the movie guys. Next time we stream every thursday at eight pm come join us on twitch and see what the chat is about. Okay so sanitized guys join. This game is called the best and worst of one. Bad movie aka excerpts from deadly lessons. imdb reviews ono. I'm sorry. I insulted the chat. Another going to start their own podcast without us. No go start your own podcasts. S be on the now. Try this podcast network. Okay all right. So what what are we doing. So the the game this we have to. We're gonna get a line from a review and we have to then guess the score that was given based on the review that we are reading. And i think they're out of ten okay so ready saw by because every every five stars i'm gonna say ten okay monologues monologue. Nearly every scene contains a monologue or two or even set but they're not monologues really. It's more like how. Can i say this character who repeat the same thought about ninety times but in different words. Something like wow. I don't need to drink anymore. I used to be a drunk. But now i don't need to drink. It's amazing that i don't need to drink alcohol anymore. How great is it that drake. I don't want to drink. I don't need to drink. You know what this reminds me of one of the things. I hated the most about this movie where it was clear that the writer does not know how to write in other people's voices. Yes result whole dialogue. Sounds like simon conjures talk. Yes simon conjurer is the writer is the director and he. He only gets his lines correct. Everyone else feels like they're talking like him and that's not how it works. It's very bad but this person who is it is it is just like people sends thing ninety different times than think it's ten stars now. I think people on the internet or ironic are. They're stunned stars shit. Has i didn't think about that. I was in say one. I'll go with you. i'll say ted. I'll sit him if it's one mike. Where united front on this one. Ten out of ten. You're right one of the best bad movies i've ever seen bringing somebody hasn't go to the trouble. The right that much shit. they like. They like understood the movie. Unlike a quintessential level. I am intense to not appreciate number two. The movie has no surprises at all other than the continuing surprise. That you'll have at every inept frame that is up on screen. All technical aspects from editing lighting sound design score et cetera. Are lafley bad. what do you think we should. we did. The whole podcast reviews. 'cause i forgot about the score the fucking like the beginning scene. Sounds like a fucking peter pan bad music. The whole thing is poorly scored and it is while there's a i took a note but one of them sounded like the wizard of eyes and ears. Yeah those are good. That's a good point. there's like wizard. Advise it was like fantastical music. It was like that doesn't fit the scene. They're talking about the whole ism what's happened. Yep yeah it's like. He didn't know how to google generic copyright free music. Maybe it didn't exist at the time you might gases. That's i'm gonna guess one-star stick on it can also be ten stars. Let's see there goes the united front. Oh it is one star the most part it just had a like a viciousness to it. You know what i mean. That was like doing that thing where they're all going to be ten. Oh okay one out of ten. The most horrible piece of trash i've ever seen and i loved every minute so they did love it but they were honest about the review. Interesting interesting approach. I'll take a half a point. You take you. I'll take half boy to on the scorekeeping old the next one. And actually you said one-star initially back. Somebody put a point away from you. So i'm my god quote number three okay as the film chugs along every character is he ordered of their hilariously. One dimensional problem even save by the bell had more intelligent portrayals of addiction callback. That's good after each character gets to the root of their problem rebel. Yes that's a character will say one down nine to go but you did mention her so stupid or three down seven to go or eight down to go every time it happens. It's like an evil taunt from filmmaker to audience I'm not done with you yet. They're still another hour of bill to sit through so fucking log. That's fine museum. Minute quintessential episode. Where jesse's like addicted to caffeine referencing in their review. Yeah i feel like. I went up both probably. Maybe one caffeine pills because i prince had an episode and he was like oh. I'm struggling with work. I'm struggling with homework. I'm struggling with all this stuff. And he's taking caffeine pills and like all these are bad like why are they better dope as fuck like if it makes.

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