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Very special Tomorrow, Vice President Mike Pence will visit the Valley for a library Initiative Roundtable for Hispanic Heritage Month. Any veterans for Trump Event in Lake Filled bark live in the new center. Gabriel Dominion. Katie, Our News Corona virus in Arizona after weeks and weeks of stalled talks, there's now some hope in Washington that Congress is moving toward agreeing on another Corona virus relief deal. Congressman David Schweikert. Certain industries need a lot of help. Tallit Ian in Arizona. Some of the airline's where some resource is need to be there to just try to help them survive United in American Airlines are preparing for mass furloughs and layoffs next month unless they get some help. President Trump is urging Republican leaders to add another round of $1200 stimulus payments for Americans. Jeremy Foster Our news, Arizona reports the highest daily total of Corona virus cases in weeks, 1753 and 38 new deaths. The state conducted 23,000 new diagnostic tests in a blood post state health director Dr Kerr Chris says to expect a high number of cases over the next several days as the state ads back dated Auntie Gin test to the statewide total. Now, just how many of those are being added doctor care. Crist talked to the Mike Room head show today, a little bit under 600 were due to the upload of those anti Jin tests that we just talked about. The other factor that played a role is we've got a very large number of lab reports. This is the highest number of lab reports that we've gotten in one day, and it was about 24,000 diagnostic lab. Dr. Chris says the's an urgent tests are similar to PC artist and that they look for active cases of the virus PC artists or slightly more accurate. But the results take longer. And today new Corona virus benchmarks were released for the state. How are the county's faring for businesses? 13 of Arizona's 15 counties are currently at moderate spread level, including Maricopa County. Moderate spread means the reopening Zehr still restricted now for schools. 11 of Arizona's 15 counties meet the recommended benchmarks to reopen. Maricopa is also included in that total. Luke Force ner Katie. Our news just days after modified in person learning started up. We've learned that three people at Red Mountain High School in Mesa tested positive for Corona Virus Red Mountain, part of Mesa Public schools, Arizona's largest district, which requires all students and staff to complete a daily home health assessment. Before coming to campus. Red Mountain Principal Casey Eagleburger has informed parents to students, along with an adult from an athletic team tested positive for the virus. The most recent date, one of them was on campus was Monday. Because of Rick Aw, shins. The school has a place like masks and physical distance. Think they believe the exposure risk is minimal. Jim Cross Our news. Now Another high school in the East Valley is warning parents about a possible exposure. Skyline High school in Mesa sent out a letter today, noting that his staff member tested positive for cocaine 19 Tuesday, But they say exposure risk is low due to the safety protocols that they have in place. Arizona's wildfire season has slowed down in the past few weeks with about 900,000 acres burned this year. Meanwhile, the rest of the West is burning. Hundreds of Arizona firefighters have been sent to California and Oregon. Veteran fire commander Clay Templin says if the West doesn't see some significant rainfall soon, we could see big fires burning during Thanksgiving and into December. We will get some relief and we'll have it. I know the long term forecast or not encouraging, but certainly we hope for some relief. Both of the Southwest high level Type one incident. Teams that have battled Arizona's worst fires this summer are now fighting a pair of very destructive wildfire south of Portland, Oregon. Katie a rise in education. The Mitch War not act, named after a Valley teen who died by suicide in 2016 is now state law. It requires Arizona teachers and staff who work with six through 12th graders to be trained in suicide prevention. The teens mom Lori War, Noch hopes the training will bring much more awareness on also making it comfortable for the students to talk about when they're feeling depressed when they're feeling anxious to allow for that open dialogue. September is suicide Prevention Awareness Month last year, 1500 people died by suicide in Arizona, if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health call 1 802 73 talk. That's 1 802 73 talk coming up.

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