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That my friend who was working with me definitely would ended he he's imprisoned right now he just every time he gets out and something goes wrong he decides cracked smoking's going to be a good idea for him void than uh that happens and he decides welltimed to break into center on somebody more crack steel he doesn't rob feel but then off he goes and for another five six seven when you're stand to use the habitual offender then she does you know there's you know what do you do what do you do legalize crack yeah that would probably the probably just smoke himself to death at that point well problem solved now indeed the tollfree number here eighth fifty five four fifty free like freedom the point i'm trying to make years if sergeant anderson had had the ability to make decisions on what my sentence would have been like he might have been better than a judge he would have been better off than a judge and certainly better are often legislators and in tallahassee and whomever on these how long i should have served because he's like he knows whether i'm than a comebacker now isn't that the point and i mean you know the i for the eye makes the whole world blind things very very true greg's in new york here on free talk live hello greg watching us on line are listening online go ahead all right out of debt call us at eight for me i wanted to talk about bringing of liberty and you guys talk about our who internet air inter so what i mean that we have facebook we've got gogo apple aragon at microsoft every companies are kind of our garkhal away are wary predatory large quarter or paid work favorite facebook hit chat who leave carlette bear the burden we use all air there are economies of scale of work as water money it can hire a lawyer people air they could be milder had wreck they are without work or something like that right um people prefer it for re but bake your up air liberty it back for a air make their profile red they captured pro at a wittig they can't do anything really facebook allow lava allow right mike is space back in the day and i don't i will your greg but back in the day with my space you.

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