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There's extreme flooding on the big island of Hawaii and it expects up to forty inches of rain in some places causing life-threatening flash flooding and landslides into the weekend. The last major hurricane to hit Hawaii was hurricane in Niki in nineteen Ninety-two Carl, Kim is a professor of urban and regional planning. The university of Hawaii end executive director of the national disaster preparedness training center. He's in Honolulu. Good morning, professor, Kim good morning, win hurricane in Niki, hit. It caused something like seven and a half billion dollars in damage. How long did it take to recover from them? Always took a quite a while. The island of Koi was. Most devastated. I took a many months before power was fully restored throughout the island. Many of the hotels and resorts were closed for quite some time. It really took a number of years by comparison this hurricane lane and looks weaker, but but the flooding seems to be a lot worse. Do you think that could cause as much or more damage? And it also seems to be a a really large storm as well to something like three hundred miles in in in size. And so, yeah, they're their concerns about multiple hazards. Hawaii is not just a set of islands. It's a very isolated set of violence. How does that affect recovery efforts? Yes, that's that's a major concern. We the tyranny of isolation. It takes a much longer for supplies and equipment to. To Hawaii, Carl, Ken professor of urban and regional planning at the university of Hawaii and executive director of the national disaster preparedness training center stay safe, and thanks for speaking with us..

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