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Device there says it's especially helpful to track down sexual predators. Six important traffickers. The highly trained dog was donated by the nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad, which fights against child exploitation. Coaches. Expenses are covered by a state grant, Steve Gregory King. If I news we have a crash on the five in Irvine. This one is along the South. Um, side. It's just past Big Parkway. The three right lanes have been blocked and delays are backing up and building getting away from the 1 33 freeway. Let's head out to Encino. With Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Angel, certainly the spot to avoid at least for the next couple. Hours. It's a fatal motorcycle. Last accident here and we're gonna be waiting on a corner and that can take a long time since 101 north Beyond just before white Oak. Four left lanes are blocked. That only leaves one lane to the right available. That is just a crawl, walk car to car here all the way back into Sherman Oaks. It looks like the southbound side of the fence. There's no lanes blocked, but they're really taking a look. That is pretty solid all the way back out of Calabasas. In either case, I would really consider using Ventura Boulevard and you're going to see him sometime, introduced an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Michael Brian K. F I and the sky Traffic is pretty slow in Corona. This is the 15 southbound leaving Magnolia Avenue delays taking you ahead to y Rick and Northam slowing away from Lake back to wire IQ KF eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez, the most Southland weather from chaos by sunny and warm again tomorrow highs low to mid seventies and beaches low to mid eighties from Metro L. A Low eighties low nineties in the valleys low to mid eighties and inland does the upper eighties low nineties And the I e We lead local live from the K F i 24 hour.

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