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Uhhuh this i heard work in the phones this morning breaking news wherever you may be in however you may be listening live in los angeles brought to you by firestone complete auto care keep your car running newer and longer nfl draft news in five minutes for steam lahey is joining me the last time at yes for the last member we working on the brian news no there is breaking nfl stop i'm gonna get to that in five minutes the draft is tonight i'm doing something i've never done before it's been a dream of mine to hang out in nfl war room all in the la chargers war room it's exciting anything i've ever done in sports this has been a dream of mine so today going to be a crazy crazy day it's christine last day we talked about that yesterday let me start with this don't let me just start the show with this lebron played almost a perfect game last night i mean he almost played a perfect game at home against the rebuilding indiana pacers and the cavs needed an officiating break and a last second three by lebron to narrowly win you watch cleveland's roster it's useless only one of lebron's teammates made more than two shots last night i'm not making that up if lebron leaves cleveland again he doesn't owe that city anything this is lebron and nine valets and they're not even good valets these are the kind of valets that lose your car keys or bring you the wrong mazda these are bad valets jr smith went over eight kevin love hurt again too for eleven all the new guys people were falling in love with rodney hood and jordan clarkson larry nance combined for thirteen points.

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