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And now move the sticks with Appalachian State quarterback Daniel Jeremiah in It and North Carolina Wide Receiver Bucky Brooks let's get it all Oh yes I I love that intro and Buck you know what fires me up so much about that intro to hear your your fight song because I don't imagine we're going to hear it on Saturday so it's nice to hear I know like man I like this that brought me back eighty nine four man wouldn't take me Ah Hey buck by the way we're GonNa have a lot to get to on the podcasts we're GonNa talk about the big NFL game between the chiefs and the Ravens so we get some NFL news coming your way we're GonNa talk a little bit of out that Notre Dame Georgia game but the bulk of today is going to be talking about our first ever meeting here with the Bucky Brooks tarheels hosting my APP state mountaineers so and have interviews with Mack Brown bookies coach and back at North Carolina doing a wonderful job and quits the head coach at APP state they're going to join the show we're GONNA have a lot of fun on this episode but like I I didn't know if you saw this but the tickets the tickets for the APP STATE UNC game behind Notre Dame and Georgia. it is the second most expensive college ticket this weekend this is a big deal man it is a big it's a big deal because obviously as you know and state game Appalachia state has been the most successful team in the state of North Carolina in recent history and is an opportunity for a lot of Appalachian steak is too maybe play against university they may they may have seen felt like distant didn't recruit them didn't come after them maybe didn't feel like they were good offense oh look manage to ultimate get back game when you have an opportunity to kind of rub someone's nose in it so this is going to be a fired-up game it's GonNa be exciting game I'm really excited to watch it because Carolina has done some good things to start the season I didn't expect them to be too wants to this point but they're two and one the fact that Appalachia state has been winning and successful there should be a very very good matchup very compelling watch I'm trying to remember now because I I'm a I'm a Indiana University basketball fan have been our whole life and obviously you've been a Carolina Nellie went to Carolina played there but you've been Carolina Basketball I think that Caroline Carolina they knocked you out of the tournament a couple years ago If I remember years ago yeah you maybe you wanted to tell you we lost the national championship yeah yes I think so and that was maybe the undercard here for the Jeremiah Brooks matchup but I I need to know the etiquette with you on big games because I can go either way we can go we can radio silent no texts polls until the game's over or we can or we can have a healthy back and forth I I'm fine with either way I just I want to make sure that we're doing this the right Oy we can go back and forth I guess it depends on what time is the game I need to figure out what time the game it's twelve thirty twelve thirty West Coast Okay twelve thirty I will be on radio from one to five Fox sports radio from Oh you're going to have a side I on the game oh no don't do it trust me I'll have the TV up we have the TV. I have my phone out so I'll be able to watch so I think we can kind of text during the game because you probably pulled up why why am I not coming on the show FSR Okay Yeah Fox sports radio we'll we'll have that discussion all we'd be in a really good mood or a really bad mood that'd be good now we're GonNa have what I have you by my radio partner is a South Carolina fan so you know like we get them ladies ABC's Lucky charm it might be a lucky charm to get you beat him already beat your to beat South Carolina and now it's APP state UNC and then APP state gets South Carolina later on the season so this is like a really kind of a triangle battle here what do you call that the triple threat match or whatever WFAN day yeah yeah something like that so funny all right we're going to have fun with these interviews you have a fun episode today but I do want to get to some NFL stuff before we have these college coaches join us Couple of injury things here or interesting things I should say David Joke who he broke his wrist in that game he's going to be out for a while from the brand Johnson the cowboys decided they were good on Taco Charlton decide to move on from their first round pick from two thousand seventeen which one of those things is the bigger news I don't think it's Taco world much of a factor for that team but David Joke that's that's GonNa have an impact on the browns don't you think debt is GonNa have an impact on the Browns interesting conversation that I had in in thinking about the browns and what's going on with Baker Mayfield had a chance to talk to a couple of former browns coaches the last couple of days and there's a when you noticed Brown's playing this year the playing drastically different name played a year ago at the end of the UN Freddie Kitchens took over his office coordinator they were a little more run heavy twelve and thirteen personnel meaning one bag two tight ends at one back Three tight ends David Joke who was a big part of what they did if you notice Monday night when you saw him they were a lot eleven personnel back in three wide receiver spreading feel really trying to force feed the ball to Odell Beckham Junior Jarvis entry and so it Kinda changed the way they were able to to create favourable matchups the other thing that they believe is a little different the thing about Baker Mayfield is when you make the change that they made in the off season they aided his office of coordinate the guy who was Kinda like maybe I won't say his best friend but I'll say like his closest friend on the coaching staff when it came to heaven conversation and the communication where they made him head coach and ss when you do that you basically empower Baker Mayfield and you kind of make him the franchise got he was already jazz guy but you really have kind of given the keys to the franchise to Baker Mayfield and there's a little bit of against turned that may be in the building there's no one there that can coach Baker Mayfield up hard when you look at him on tape I see a guy who's very similar to the way that he played at Oklahoma his junior year when he was a little chaotic with his foot work a little off the mark and maybe some of the passes and some of the turnovers that are coming because he's not real detailed with his footwork and fundamentals I don't know if there's a coast Air Deccan coach and say Baker you need to get on the details make sure you footwork and all that other stuff is correct so you can throw the ball the way that we know that you can throw it yeah and I look he's he's under a lot of pressure book he's been sacked eight times already through two games he was sacked twenty five times in fourteen games Last year so becoming more of a passing team putting more on his plate and offensive line that I thought played a little bit over their head last year has come back to me Saudi couple of new faces on there and I think you're seeing that show up this team you know look back when I look when I look at the schedule and this was a little bit of me concern with the Cleveland browns because everybody wanted to say this was the you know this is a super bowl representative from the AFC we're seeing Baker struggle and I look ahead rams Lavigne's at forty niners seahawks at Patriots at Broncos bills tell me where the bad defense is in that group of teams I mean goodness gracious talking about a tough slate of games on the horizon so TJ list is used as scenario right so we're looking at those tough games you talked about five tough game in a row against really quality defense let's just say at the end of it the browser one in six does it do anything are they firmly behind free agents do they really feel good about direction of the program today feel like they can count a they have the pieces in place to get them out of a tailspin if if to tell spent occurs how does that change Freddie Kitchens and his jobs his job status based on the fact that he is inexperienced coach he's a first time really because he's a first time coordinator and head coach and he's trying to do it all at the same time how does it change the dynamic around the team when the expectations were so high for the browns going into the season and I think this game man this is this is going to be a turning point game for them the rams prime time at home a chance to play against a suit and see if they can maybe split those and they're all running now if they get their doors blown off by the rams now you're going on the road for a couple of weeks you've got a young team you've got a lot of egos on that team that thing could go the other way quick so to me this game it's week three it seems crazy to say it but I think this is a turning point game for them against the rams and this one is leave town match light because if they don't get a win and you just I mean you just quoted the schedule and what is is on the horizon oh man this is really really tough for them and look they have to get it right because they need to be able to run the ball to get dynamic weapons on the outside you saw Odell Beckham the ball I think the running game could be their best friend as they go forward trying to get this offense up and going no doubt I want to get to the the big game of the week in the NFL slate before we get to get to that college matchup and have some fun here when you look at the Ravens and the chiefs all is going to be on the quarterbacks in Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson we know what we thought of those guys coming through the draft process book but now seeing both teams have success doing it differently obviously with these two guys but I wonder if there's a takeaway from from the evaluation of those two and what they've done that if we carried into the future the impact of their performance might have in the future as we go through the draft to come I mean definitely has an impact I think we've already seen the impact that his head I think we need to look no farther than what happened we Calva Murray Calvin Murray is a byproduct of the success that Pat Mahomes head and his second season as the MVP of the League When you look at the baseball background the ability to play as improvisational specialist the talent when it comes to arm talent while mixing some of the run ability that you would like to see I think it is already impact acted the.

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