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During the commercial break. We keep looking at this rolling stone list of the top five hundred songs of all time. I am going to get angry. I'm not investing in this i. I like the references. I like the The back story on some of these songs. I'm just not investing anytime or emotion. Inness paul. he's been trying to make me angry. I'm not gonna work. So if i told you that britney spears toxic is one spot ahead of led zeppelin whole lotta love on the list would say i'd say i'm happy for britney happy for her and you've seen them both equal amount of times in concert. I've seen both of them one time. I went to see britney spears by myself in los angeles. You have an educated opinion on. Yes yes. I do and saul zepplin in cincinnati better concert. While i'm gonna say britney spears yeah because the right answer like led. Zeppelin wasn't a great concert. As far as they didn't do anything. I mean it's yet robert plant usually in a belly shirt and jeans that were too tight and just like britney and in fact i think they could have come to think of it. Who wore it better. Robert might have worn better. Jimmy page would get on a double neck guitar. And he'd play a couple of solos. Then you'd have john bonham on drums playing the solo or two. That could last twenty minutes. So zeppelin wasn't a great pink. Floyd is as good a concert as i've been to visually because that's when they had the album animals and you had all of these balloons the like they were animals that were floating around You'd have a pig up there and you'll be it was just wild and you didn't really have that kind of you know stage performance back then you know the stones put on a great show. They were very theatrical. When i saw them the who. I didn't see him with keith. Moon so it was basically daltry would like sling the microphone up. And then catch it and then p. townsend would wail on the guitar and that was about it. Prince put on a great show. Bowie put on a great show as well. But i just remember going to the zeppelin. Show mike. that's it they're just gonna kind of. I love the music but there wasn't any real stage presence there other than robert plant's outfit. Yes hidden. yeah there was like what was that documentary. That led zeppelin released like a long time ago. And you can see now when you watch it like. It's just some spotlights in them standing there. Yeah it's almost like the strokes in a way like they just kind of get up there. Play their songs and they walk off. That's kinda what it seemed like led zeppelin did yes mclovin i. I hate to stand up for the beatles. But the beatles are a little slighted on this list. I tell against book world record said yesterday by the beatles the most covered song in the history of the world. How can that's nowhere to be found on here unless they put out the list. They just want reaction. Because if you put like four beatles songs in the top twenty and you put a couple stone songs in there you know. You're playing to a younger demo. Clearly playing to a younger demo. Yes you know. I think that rolling stone kind of admits that in the first line of the article because it says something. I'm not looking at it right now but it's something like seventeen years ago. We made this list and it was our most red thing ever of all time. So now we're doing it again. We're just updating it. That was seventeen years ago. They put that out the top five hundred songs. Yeah i think. I think it's at seventeen years. Yeah well you don't wanna put the beatles in there. I mean the beatles their influence is crazy now hell they impacted the the world music crazy it. I don't want to say i'm not. I'm not investing anytime or emotion in this. Yes it is kind of nice though to look at a list that the top twenty five isn't beatles. Stones dylan beatles stones dylan beatles. Stones who dylan dylan beatles. Stones jimi hendrix. It's kind of nice to see that. Though i know but then it kinda cuts your credibility when you come on royals by lorde not even the best lord song. That's the only song you know by. You know why you know that is because member. When i played it was hotel california and lord with royals and if you combine the two it's awesome it really is now hotel california not even in the top fifty but lord is good. Lord let's go. I'm not investing time or emotion. What mclovin unbelievable. All those bands. You mentioned led zeppelin pink. Floyd the eagles that they're not in there. I kind of like lord song yes tom. Petty doesn't make the list until the hundred sixty nine song. I'm gonna pick it rolling stones offices if they have one. You've been listening to some tom petty. I'll tell you about the challenging paulie. Made it seem like he just well. Maybe you just found tom petty. It's like hey. Have you ever heard tom. Petty's channel on sirius and i go. Yeah i just happened to be listening to the other. I i've been listening and they. He like he's breathless and then and george strait covers. One petty song wreck me. And i i. I've been listening to it. Golly he's good just jumped on the bandwagon. Two thousand eighteen. You might want to check out this petty fella. I know i had to break the news to him. That he's dead. Point won't be on concert really do you know he's he's not coming around here. No not oh okay. That's a fritzy around here for sunday night football. It'll be a great one. It'll be patrick. Mahomes what's up mahomes and the chiefs against a baltimore lamar jackson. We had chris collins worth on. He of course will be on the call with al michaels sunday night and i ask him what would he do. What would he say to lamar jackson if he were coaching him. One of the things. I'm gonna talk about during the broadcast. Is that lamar. I think when he has more space to work with Is even better. i think. Russell wilson russell wilson will drop eleven yards in into the backfield and when he steps that forces the angle of those defensive linemen to be much deep by were coaching. I would try to create as much space around him which would meet a much more vertical drop and deeper dropped and what he's doing right now. That's chris collins worth he'll be on the call and i wonder if you just go empty backfield with lamar jackson. And then they're therefore you can add another linemen if you want or you can have another wide receiver. Then you allow him more room to work with. That might be something. They try to do to kansas city. You could argue the last year. Super bowl was the greatest quarterback matchup in nfl. History brady versus mahomes tonight. Thursday night football daniel jones in taylor heineke tend booed joan daniel jones versus taylor heineke jones in the giants struggled in week. One and heineke filling in for ryan fitzpatrick in washington. Both players have the stage to themselves. Tonight when.

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