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I think if it's so important because i feel like it's it would be just as easy to be like okay well that weeks over so let's just move onto the next week okay segments. Let's have a good time but i liked that. They listed on all the details. It's been going on and look why people make these choices in why certain people stay like that's so crucial <hes> to understanding people's position in the game where the game is heading. If we know like if we can take a look back and see why someone stayed over someone else i feel like it's important and it's hard to fit that all in on a thursday night live show so i've said it before i'll say it again. I love what they're doing with this sunday episodes where they're going back and filling in the details which is such a stark contrast. I just feel so not to say that it's perfect because it's far from perfect perfect but i have so much more faith in big brother to sh- in the u._s. to show me the things i wanna see then big brother canada where it's just like a <hes> like if i see even one tenth of what i wanna see i'm like oh we saw something so that is just experience or <hes> i think they just have more faith in the game play which is odd to say <hes> but in comparison to the other show yeah rank the players from your favorite to least favorite we have cliff in the number one spot maintaining his his shifted number one spot over coal but nicole is not far behind in the number two you man this is interesting so do you think is in last place here. Neck now jess yes. It's jess <music>. Jessica's plays followed by nick and then christie christie third to last and <hes> jackson is one two three four five fifth overall overall. It goes cliff nicole holly tommy jackson christie nick and jess lift nicole holly ali tommy jackson chris christie nick just got it. Oh so good at these calms with rob. I heard him on the sunday night episode..

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