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Really yeah since the vans as she should be a list of all the other bands yeah could I I was like I saw the where's name on that list yeah he didn't make it you're now your defense venture Doug Adkins okay bill Hewlett deacon Jones they can tell you no more Shetty leroy's Salman yes Bruce Smith of course and and Reggie white really yeah and it we're some of their Williams the other day Williams only offense of linemen I've ever seen that was able to block Reggie white yeah before his your defensive tackles this is were mean Joe Greene comes in you've got but Buchanan right and then you got to cowboys you want to take a guess of who the two Dallas Cowboys or anyway yep the Manchester Randy white and of course Mister cowboy himself Bob Bob Lilly they join Merlin Olsen Alan page and John Randall as your old time movie as front seven a couple of Minnesota Vikings up there too so a couple of cowboys making that cut now I also around the NFL we talked about the eagles a little bit earlier they have signed their starting tackle lane Johnson way way way way I got to see this one day ago forego those offensive and I would like I mentioned the Charles Haley was not even mentioned how you got a guy those defensive player of the year for the forty Niners has five Superbowl rings only Tom Brady has more and he started all those symbols one like he's just on this one he was effective and all those who is in the hall of fame he's into ring of honor's is not in the cut great defensive is hello mayor yeah Charles Haley didn't get the love I I agree with you on that but he was not mentions are battling Johnson briefly here he got that four year seventy two million dollar extension with the eagles which is big I mean we've talked about former about him let him missing the TV up Oklahoma grab him missing games I think Carson Wentz now is three eleven old time with.

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