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Suffering healing dead the ghouls debbie have to walk through the sufferings. Unfortunately this is how it is and then what happens so mike. What did you say but it depends on bill. The thing is she. she's it's nothing to do with. But yes because she's that body the braddock become associated with the body she'd have to walk that karma but the choice choices in your hands as to how you overcome kuzma depends on the reaction. You'll give that was very enlightening lesson league. It's it's the way you react to the cut when you don't other anything when you graciously accept what happens then. The carmont doesn't affect you know what the defined lot mighty exit on his own and you will be able to send to it. it's about holy reacting. Eating this is the most important teaching the reason why we have thought that we have to be a good self. We have to be kind compassionate. Even somebody's doing bad euro utter entity battle. You would say anything. Draw them or even see any team at all is because the action is waiting button. When he don't react overcoming the we are able to override it so nothing accrues to us. Peace among so this is how we are able to over the and not create more. See the woman you under something. Then you're creating more karma you're going to create more good math that is why by kushner would you say angered is to off. And even though data few other which was the held desire last greed and few wars. But when the to channel it towards the behind model biting then we are going to create any further girma so all the futuristic karma is he the gucci even. Destroy all that. Because you're able to understand the cook about spirituality that despite mind beans do not react. It is the reaction that matters yup is going to happen. How did we actually anything when you on your good sense. Not patient happened to you. Nothing should before you because the grace of the lord she hurries on your head. Naci kushner dating. So why fiat bob aziz. So this is the book you need to understand. Stop assessing anything. Don't buddy about what is going to happen. How we all is going to open up at us talking to someone this money. And his personal salinas. Few months i acknowledge any projects. I'm very depressed. i don't know what to do. it'd be done. I'm trying really hard. I said just let it be everything would be fine boost something. See what you can do. Today in the wireless situations are not in not in the night sense. Does business not happy. Not of people have lost their jobs. There is no money. Sparsity of my name is only different. Things are many people are suffering and that is usually the universe. Aurora rich gets richer mortgage porter mean imbalances bed in in the universe. What are we doing about it so we need to think about this universe. That is why this great beans your to ensure established the opposite meant office entire universe the about the wellbeing of everybody and what's dupleix. Everyone david on them. And mike not good. You said a very faulting. The god with ensure really nauseous in short of food building and shankill. But anything more than that. God is not going to give you will have to work. For this is the the basic necessities of life would be provided by the law. Even if you don't have business even if your projects are not even you know you're not getting back payments all these happens you've lost. Who might have been have lost job. But the lord will ensure that you're getting your food clothing and shelter is dead for you. He's going to take that but any team more than that. You will have to own and seem when you go into a job and job is going to be miserable talking again to someone. I knew one of my fence and dispersing has moved to a different job. You were suffering in his earlier job eight-match to this bosses and now i spoke to him after time. This wasn't a stock lauding. Wondered what happened when i spoke to him. He's leaving one in a miserable condition. So let's like mccreesh melatonin. Say the honeymoon. Beat it or the any job is only six months so get ready to go. You know more than the next job. This is what happens because team will give you a new job. Data happiness have been many happy. Things you ran. You have not of aspirations but what happens. Things doesn't will be you want to so born. expect anything. The grass is always greener on the that every job at our challenges. The challenges come in so many different ways that this is the islanders Don't expect it's only know that you have to do your job. Be the best in the job and just keep going. I don buddy about whether going to get the recognition or not but you have to give your best shot at some remember law has given you this job and you need to respect that and you need to give yourself value that job whatever it is given to you. So many put forward to that hand. The divine really. Get off you. So this is the city of life which we don't understand. And yet we start. Possessing possessing possessing claim ownership offensive rating in this world. The only one. Who can you process in your heart. Lachey heidi nobody is get possess and even that was asian yukon steam horrid him because the only way you hold him is without sin. You'd love and devotion you know the brima that you want to achieve for laci. Kouchner can never be a cube. Anybody except lot himself. That's who he is and only thing is we all at the black. It is power and beyond that his mahba and bob the highest and the latest prima primo can be achieved. Anybody because getting you'll become bad. Great unconditional exclusive devotion maison. Unconditional all. This is the person. I love this person. I don't love because this person did this to be. That person did this to me. Who is who has an unconditional love the biased we have any media. We have hinted guinness bet. Is this law ever going to be that. So you pink. Anybody else can be not chiku. Absolutely no orlean archie secretiveness secrets not this morning. My kushner giving but what he does at some adding that he was really laci cushion beating the way. He's who is who is he. He's the supreme mind person who is lives in that. These prima board and morgan who can enter this. One has the purity. The highest purity one ca. The veal flavor flashy kushner in anybody that nobody and you know he was giving them any to this morning. Everybody has to be born again and again and again boned and beating the blues. Life is sold lovely. It's so easy to. He has the power in this word. Knowing his life is so good actually becoming a nightmare as the thing she said. I chose not to become the guru she said i'm only going to be the stadium. Hoppy can talk your meet me. You know what the word that. I have to die. But i am not going to have any students under the i am not willing to initiate it but because i am not willing to take that responsibility that imagine microbiology the lament initiates even higher for lost people. He has to bear the suffering. The why the head that he has for somebody else's gutter sins they have committed duckling homage by. Would you believe you're willing to come. Bischoff algo might balk at the feet of the speed of the goo. That is exactly what he has to anybody. That's goose feed. He has to get all the goal that they have thrown at his feet. I'm sorry to say this but this is the this is the reality and we grew is so great. You know how. Mr be disliked this because he has In all this ignored means in this war..

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