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Well. And i think it bodes well for the season. One of them is to a tongue vilo I saw a quarterback that was decisive. I saw a quarterback that new order wanted go at the ball and he he flung around sixteen to twenty three one hundred eighty three yards and a score at a lot. I'm wondering if we're gonna see any more from him in week. Three of the preseason. We're just gonna now sit back and watch him. Show up in new england to well here we go. I can't wait to watch that week. One game if he's taken a big leap forward if he's taken that leap. He's comfortable if he now knows the offense a lot better. He now has the cadence down in the huddle. He now has the whole full grasp of what his team wants to do. And he's got confidence coming into the season. Oh baby 'cause we all know he's done. He's he's done he had so many people wrote him off because he wasn't just in. Herbert people wrote him off because he got the job when maybe he didn't deserve it. You know then. He lost the job that he got when he didn't deserve it. Fits how to come in and put things back together after humpty to broke it a couple of times in december. So that's the way that that's the whole narrative about two. Oh justin hermit. Were way way better than him. And dolphins made a mistake. I liked what i saw him. And then here's the other one. I name them shrug at one of my shrug. Emoji teams of the twenty twenty one season. Don't have no idea. They can have twelve wins. They have twelve losses. No idea i'm no longer saying. They're a shrug emoji team. They ain't they're not going to twelve losses. that's for sure. Big ben. roethlisberger came out and looked spry. Man the man. He looked hall of fame. Spry like nobody's talking about me. Nobody's looking at office and a guy who has a big reason and hand in the steelers. Success offensively this year also took a screen pass forty six yards. Najji harris didn't have a great day on the ground. But that kid he can balances offense out and big ben to touchdown passes. He threw him both to pat fryer mouth. The titan are the penn state out of penn state good hands. I won't say who said this to me. But i'll read the line. It's a somebody Who's in the nfl. And i won't. I can't even say what what they do. Pittsburgh. here's the quote taxed. I got during the game. Pittsburgh hitting on a white tight end from penn state was as predictable as the sun rising in the morning. Why was that predictable. At fry's timing you know. Even big cat was like a great great. Throws heath miller was matt spaeth man who sent it to you know elbow. We've already go matt here. We go now. I mean so if the tight end is again it's just one day one quarter. Preseason action i get it but if if if it was against the lions if if if they got the tight end that big ben can relate to and got the running back who can balance the offense and klay pool is healthy and they got the two other receivers in johnson and smith schuster. Why not an defensively. T. j. watt. Who's now one of the top ten players in the nfl. One hundred list and devin bush comes back. Joe hayden's back there and you got more guys and he hit on some of these other guys. Don't sleep on steelers. i agree with you. I know you can't believe it. Everybody thinks the steelers toast because of what happened last year. Ben comes back he's eaten Profanity brothers ice cream. Whatever he's doing right now on the big bend seven bb seven system and whatever. He's doing man for manny's with no britain properly. Yeah gluten free manny brothers. Even we eat honestly even with big saying. I'm gonna take care of my body going to do this do that even with that. Were like yeah right better for many heaven. Gluten free probably even him having a new refound you know understandably focus on personal weight and health because all you gotta do is look at what. Brady's doing raj doing right. I mean i saw a guy who looked terrific. He looked like rob of old. Like run around and moving in the pocket that shake and and by and time and just stand back there and finding his guys the beyond meat. Roth is back green on meet rock. Let's burger. i think people are writing the steelers off real lions preseason. There's all that's all think about preseason. Football's like guy. Look there's this institute it's the lines was just one quarter was one play or sign of things to come rain down judgement in pittsburgh. Pa coach tomlin. You gotta home. Just give me one man gotta get to his high on. My bad judgment will move. We will bend look spry. That's the headline. Eight and a half steeler win total baby. I don't know what you mean by that. Even though i made that noise mike florio pro football when we come back here and the rich eisen.

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