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How are you? I'm doing well. Even though I am I am a big Devon, STAN. And it's sad to see him out of the game. But he's not really devastated. I am devastated. He's but he's on the island of extinction. At least we get to see him. Maybe do a couple couple of news reports and hang out there with with reim-. He's reporting live from the field out on extinction island. Also, I'm very excited to have this guest back with us here on rob has a podcast. She's played this week in survivor history quiz before you hear her on the morning updates with Attaran Armstrong. And of course, she was our Aubrey expert coming into the season. Please welcome Mary quit Caskey Mary. How're you? Hey, robin. Jordan. I am so pumped to be on the first ever episode of Twitter. I'm here to talk about everything from the live feeds, let's break down the document room. All the show Mance who's eating slop who sleeping in the HR h room. What's the other show is this haunted? Let me get my survivor notes. Once I get wait. Wait. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Don Denton this week in survivor. The Rick in David alliance also known as the await sorry. We can't we can't bet on the air. The devotees alliance was broken up because the returning players weren't ready to enact the vote out the middleman alliance created by rob sue back in season six and perfected by Tony and Kaga Yang. Let's see if this season's Bodega Tony can continue to worm their way in with Kelly next week, or relegated rebound and save the day. The day America Cousy coming at you from the GOP news. Wow. Mary coming in hot Tyler Frederickson style. Well, those are the only notes I have. So I. Real fast, Mary what's worse. Name Twitter or twists. I so I feel bad. Because when I first heard the the will from America theme song when he said, let's talk about. Let's talk about tweets. I thought he said let's talk about twists, and I'm like, I don't I don't love twist though, boil to twig. Yeah, I think it should still be called fish. But that's just me. I'm old school. I don't like change. Well, it's now for another whatsoever history. We're talking about survivor present maybe we should do with a twist. Yeah. But but it's now he's a horrible part of this arrive your history, I think still works. Okay. Mary. How're you doing? I'm doing doing great. I was I was on vacation all week. So I I went to DisneyWorld now that yeah. Yeah. Was is great my my sister used to work there. So she wanted to take me to all her old haunts, and she seems to have immediately forgotten everything. So I can be great having asking her questions and didn't happen. That's okay. But we went to Harry Potter world too. So that was a little bit more. My my up my alley. Okay. You're up to speed. Do you know that I'm a hustle puff? I I have heard that. Yeah. I I am aware. We're that your health. I'm a I'm a raven call myself, but I won't let that get between us, Jordan. What how are you? I would say total Griffin door every every time I've taken online I've ended up Griffin door, and I think it fits. That's another reason. Able to do better math than I do to be a raven claw. Okay. It's not cool anymore to just say that you're Griffin door. I know I look I I know that's like the cancer because all the main characters Griffin doors, but I am a Griffin door. I know in my in my heart, and my soul that I I am not in the other house. Okay. All right. Let's get back to everything that's going on this week in survivor, of course, still to come in this hour. We'll get into everything going on on survivor social media. And of course, Jordan Kayla will be here with this week in survivor history quiz, but our top story at this hour, Mary we lost Rick Devon's who I understand that. You have a special connection with Rick Devon's idea. I do he he shares a name with my father. My father's name is Devon hausky. Yes. We we both went to Virginia Tech. So he sees from Blacksburg, and I lived there for years..

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