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The brightest teams are trying to just really like give myself a sons of our do i buy utah longterm i do because of quin snyder important because i didn't i this is on me i miss this i followed donovan mitchell this year i did not think what he was doing was as real as it turned out to be i thought it was partially quin snyder partially the product of not having any shooters and a lot of athletes in utah partially the part at least until january gobert in and out that okay this is this young guys getting lots of shots and i watched his games vows wrong he's done in the postseason i love it i love the don of mitchell cole james harden the other day for good you know the if that's how i can't say that can't say because it's gotta swear word but you basically saying if he wants to win by getting to the bleeping free throw line the way that he does cool as in cools in cool not cool one of the cool not cool comments that's inappropriate you don't call your elders ya oh yeah if he wants to win a bleep in mvp it's also magic because it's accurate and we had this conversation on the show on the air and behind the i go crazy the tv i'm not a free throw and one of the things that drives me crazy about the nba and it applies to people we have in the show people that i'm friends with is that there is a culture of the national basketball association among those who were part of it the nba media and it certainly inflict people at cbs sports like everywhere else people in front offices coaches players there's a code that you're you don't take shots at the league i can't tell you how many times have had dinner with writers or players or former players or executives who say one thing at dinner and won't say publicly it really drives me crazy when it's when it's nba riders and media.

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