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More of a question of what style of play. And I want to give props to miles Ehrlich on this because I was going back and forth on Chris on whether or not I agree with this and he had a good point, which I think is totally fair. We don't know what style Seattle is going to be playing this year because we haven't seen this team with just dual Lloyd and no breanna Stewart since that one year that's stewie was injured. And so we look at it and we kind of go, what are we getting here? And what style will play? And I think that's going to have more of an impact on how many minutes she gets, my thing and the reason why I give them a B plus or sorry, B minus or C plus is because to me, the clear need was a point guard. They've been trying to find a point guard who can take on the torch from Sue bird, obviously it's not an easy thing to do. I think cook could have been that or at least in my mind this is a draft that you gamble on. Horses three point shooting and driving like driving ability is the eye opener, right? And I would rather have more of those drives have jewel loiter as these hands on the ball. That's just my personal take, and that's why I have some concerns about this move. Would have gone with cook because I think that was a good solution for the point guard position. But I also feel like Gabby Williams does come back at some point because I know she has a strong connection to Seattle and Seattle has been vocal about letting her play her international competition and all that stuff. So what's your thoughts on Seattle? So first, shout out to dolce van Gogh Meng yadu getting drafted later in the draft quality player in college. I think it's a good get for Seattle a little bit later. With that out of the way, of course, I want to make sure I acknowledge that. I think the most polarizing player drafted in this draft from everything I've seen everything I'm thinking about it is Jordan horston. I think I'm a lot in your camp on this. I think, I mean, Seattle didn't even interview her before the draft. So it's clear that they didn't think she was going to drop. She drops, they take her. I don't blame them for taking her. A player like that who drops that far when everyone had her two through 5 somewhere in that range. I get it. Seattle, gotta make that move. If this is the kind of player you think. I'm also curious to see what Noelle is going to do up there in Seattle and how they're going to change without stewie. Without suburb, what kind of different structures are we going to have? So I get it, you take a player like horston, you can fit it into your system if she wins the starting job outright or earns minutes. What is she going to be able to do? I'm sure no one's going to find a way to make it work for her. But I'm with you. I think ziya cook was probably the better call here. I think maybe even a Lula pessina Shaw could have been a better player to help facilitate a little bit more. I think I get why you take her and I'm sure there was some discussion, maybe around whether they should or not, or maybe they just did it, but when she fell, but I think point guard not getting a point guard, not getting someone to help facilitate leaving that all to jewel it is probably not going to work so well at least for you one. Yeah, and also in my mind, at least part of it, I would have had jewel in the war room, and I would have said, who do you want? Because I'm bending over backwards to make jewel happy, but that's another episode. Atlanta, you get Haley Jones at 6. And you get LA from SC, I love saying that. I actually personally like, I've been very vocal about my questions about Haley Jones. But I will say this is the type of fit and I think I saw this on an episode going in before the draft where for me a best case scenario for Haley Jones was not to be a lottery pick. It was to move out of lottery, then you're the underdog. Then the expectations are lower, which is a benefit I think to most players. But more importantly, she's in a position that she can actually grow her game. They can develop her. They don't care if she can shoot the three right now. They don't care if it takes her a few years to build that out. And I know there was not shade, but some not blame, but some comments made that implied that the style of playing Stanford hurt her shooting more than her actual shooting did. Possibly, maybe I say don't say that, prove it. But hey, you can't prove it right now because the games haven't started. All of that said on the positives of adding Haley Jones and LA. They struggled from three last year and they need to pick that up. So this team, I give them a B plus on it because I think they added good talent. They took some gambles. I'm all about in this draft taking some gambles because we know this is in 2014, 2024, 2025. So take some gambles. I'm all for it. First, shout out to your goats, Simone gustas, who talked to SI and said that Atlanta is probably going to go deep in the playoffs now with this draft class. So we'll see about that. Yeah, I mean, I think my feelings have been clear on Jones. I've sort of soured on her a little bit as the season went on. I still think that she's a great player, great leader. I'm fine with her dropping to Atlanta at this point. I think she can help facilitate a little bit. We'll see as the game's going to be a little bit quicker for her. We'll see if she can keep up. It'll be interesting to see what tanisha Wright does with her. I love the army here pick. I think she's a great fit. I think she's got great versatility. I think there's just so many skills that she's going to bring and she's exactly the kind of player that coach Wright loves. And then Leah Brown was a solid get, I think she scores of all three levels. She's tough. She's Gritty, another kind of player that if she can make this team that tanisha Wright is going to love to be able to work with. She'll have some of that secondary scoring off the bench. And I mean, you said a death was what they needed. I think they were able to fill some of those pieces. I think we'll see how well Haley Jones is able to do when the season gets going. It's going to be exciting either way. And Atlanta is always fun watch. Washington D.C., I gave him a C plus. And here's the reason. I love the trade. They got great capital. But again, part of me is like, if I'm judging you based on future or am I judging you based on who you actually did pick, right? So for me, I go into this draft and if I'm D.C.,

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