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Sharansky and Pedro's Our NATO. Welcome to Latino USA and Both of you. You've got this kind of extraordinary situation set up. You're part of a reporting team. One of you is based in Brazil, the other in the United States, and you work on stories about indigenous communities in Brazil together. So how does this partnership work between the two of you? So I lived in the Amazon for a couple years in the Brazilian Amazon. And through my experiences there are I came into contact with Rose and we started working on stories a couple years ago. Uh and that's that's kind of how it's all flourished. With Rosa Quintana. How do you do your work? Visa VI working with Sam. We're not so reported, or Israel. Amazonia composed traditionalist in the inner city Lavalas. Tobacco sobre Kevin is an electric contact a calamitous internationalist. So I Pedrosa is saying is they met and they collaborate and they work across the country's He's working, you know, on the ground doing the work, and Sam works as an international contact, and Pedrosa is doing the day to day so Pedrosa don't know. Follow Porta Gazmin eyes. Instead, we're going to have you speak Spanish. Is that okay? It's okay. All right, So you cover issues around indigenous peoples in northern Brazil. Most people know that this is where the Amazon is that there are incredibly delicate groups of people centuries old who are living and thriving there. So how do you come upon this particular story? Where does it begin? It can come back on me and Sam Dolo. Money, Maria. It is out of commission. Billion like capital. Deborah, Don't let told me I'm well trusted centering in the north of Brazil, you know, garden, the secrets and the room. We importantes l a massage. So you travel from Bill in the capital city of para state in Brazil, and you end up going to a town where two very important rivers meet. One is the Amazon River. And the other one is the Tapajos River. Tell me own body Queen of people. Maybe all of us a lot of good. Okay. Wow. So you took a boat and travel down the Tapajos River for nine hours were not easy to be occupied Community center that Victoria Load their prior to monkey in victory Total of Montreuil, who's All right, Sam? So does Pedro's I call you and he says, Hey, I've got this story. I went to this place called Brian the monkey. It's where the moon do. Good people are from And you're like, Okay? Yeah. I mean, did you know about the moon Dooku did you know about but I had a monkey. I actually do you know about the man who took you because I've studied indigenous issues in Brazil for a while, and I've known about their history, but the village itself the whole story behind This community was totally unknown to me. So when he got a hold of me and said, there's this situation in which a number of leaders and important individuals in the medical community are under threat as a result of covert 19, in addition to a number of other threats It just seemed like the perfect crux of s O many issues and the threats that ah people are facing and yet still being able to show signs of resistance and strength. So basically you're saying that the local people Are survivors. They've been through Ah lot and have made it to this point. Yeah, The political people have been known all throughout the Amazon region as warrior people. Even prior to Portuguese colonization. They resist the Portuguese All along this this river called the top of Joyce River that There was a mention for a couple 100 years and so they obviously were able toe survive the threats of disease of enslavement of violence and obviously of cultural oppression as well. All right. So, Pedrosa, you take off and get to Bryant the monkey. And what did you see? When you got there? Police stay there. Come away. Skelos. Montreux, Cause Conservancy strives, Younis, See Maria, we know that we assume is forced to remain. The particles have also called Tora so languid organization traditional, so territorial Okay, right. And they make a great effort to preserve their culture and their traditions and especially to preserve the land where the village that you visited is located. Donatello going country artist. And when you first got to the village, you end up meeting a man who turns out to be a very important part of your entire story. There. And we shall move. Obviously combat sudoku, a tsunami Colombia. El manana Me properly. Nothing to cook. Nope. I'm a deal. So that's Alison can be a two month Roku on D. His name be. Apple is a name that was given to him in the medical language by his father in many ways. The story that bedrolls and I reported on Revolves around his father, Alison's father amongst you, he milked by at a secondary data. Sand them who was a long time leader of the village of Private monkey. My setup beam eyes at lunch, and now they Nothing. Younglings are Santa's anticipated. Gee, you look awesome. They had thought you Sal Gina, so his father was active in all manner of civil society, assuring education, territorial rights and health for the community. Like he was the chief. Is that right amongst you Attack a moral hippie. The Lost moon Drew goes. No. No other common here for Maria Bello. Don't leave it Cajun part that you don't mature conflict or in a company that So he wasn't like a chief. But for several decades, he was defending the community in in legal battles for human rights, so he was an important part of the community. So did you get a chance to meet amongst you? What you get when you said I mustn't persona Let me tell them anything Contrary. Guess so. The bm We're to trust to cover this. And maybe you actually missed meeting him by the time you made it. To where he lived..

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