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What flies in cybernetic house hoops that comma doesn't belong there. What flies in cybernetic house. Okay. Time flies. But measuring how long it takes other things to fly is one of the ways we get the house to come to its senses or more accurately. It's one of the ways we add senses to the house confused yet. Don't worry if you haven't yet figured out my opening puns, I'll soon unravel them, but let's start with some things you may know a little bit about radar blips are microwave pulses that echo back when they balance off something, and you know how far away that something is by measuring their round trip time. That distance part of right are works by measuring the time of flight of radio waves usually microwave because the higher the frequency, the higher the resolution of the radar beams you've heard of radar and you know there are different kinds different. As it can work. But this basic time of flight underpinning of the technology is the only part I want to get into right now. You may have heard of sonar where pulse of sound is sent through water and the system listens for its echo when it bounces off of something in the case of sonar, that distance measurement involves the time of flight of sound through water. If the time of flight seem strange for water, you can either think, but it's the time of swim or just accept the convention and think of a speed of sound Manta Ray flying, underwater time of flight of sound and water. Am I hearing some of you tell me that sonar also works in the air while the does and not many people are deep geek enough to know that the proper term for that is soda with the d. instead of an end, it's the proper term for measuring distance by measuring the time of flight of an audio blip through air soda. Do I care to you. Ucare. I just don't want anybody to be confused by that. The same technique is also used to take measurements inside solids, liquids. It's also part of the makeup of the ultrasound. Imagers for example, let you see the developing baby will still inside mommy sonograms on autograph and more industrial forms of ultrasonic imaging are all kissing cousins in this realm. Then there's the darling of the self-driving cars. Light are the laser version of Reiter, which measures that time of flight of a blip of light between when the pulse goes out and when the companion photodetectors senses it somewhere between math class and physics class, you'll learn the classic formula. Our t. equals.

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