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Like like that feeling when they lower the banner and the crowd goes crazy and you remember all the hard work they had to put in the year before and then you get goosebumps and and it's it's special so so that is a real thing it's a. It's a real element of of that first game now. Dallas is perspective. Jerry's just setting up. The were getting disrespected narrative. He he's you know he's talking like that on on on interviews and i'm sure they're talking about that and meeting rooms. Nobody gives us a chance. Everybody thinks killed. I mean that's what this is about. But they should be in a place to at least be competitive. Now where where. the biggest. the biggest struggle. I see for dallas is as a young defense and a and a new defense. They spent eight out of eleven draft picks up on defense. They brought another eight. free agents. dan quinn comes in so. This defense has a total overhaul against a quarterback that that eats up most defenses and especially eats up young defenses. Yeah coach. I absolutely love this. You know if you want to read more on this you go to. I samuel seventeen. And that's where you're going to hear this story and read the story of david versus goliath. And if you know this story and you know that the tampa bay bucks they are they are that you gotta think about nick. You like they have another year in the system. The defense isn't changing. You still have todd bowles. You brought back all coordinators okay. So only deepened decide. They're actually going to be better. They had those young guys in the back in the secondary which is an operating complex defense there so much communication between those guys between the snap. So they'll be better okay then on offense aside. They know who they are now. It took them until we ten to figure out their identity. Their identity is running the football and then leaning on the pass game and situational football. That's their identity. Lean on that run for net is in great shape. He's been crushing this off season. He's ready to go tom brady. We don't need. Tom brady throwing for three hundred. Three hundred fifty yards a game. We don't need that. We just need. Tom brady just to manage the game and take over in two minute. Drill take over when it's the first half and you know we're we're going into the locker room. We need some points there. We need three. We need six. That's what tom brady needs to do. Okay other side man. I hate to say this. You know what. I'm starting to believe in the cowboys i really am. So david is this guy right like nobody could slay the big giant. Nobody could slay him nobody. Nobody believes so they ran back to the city ran back. Hey we got this giant as anybody anybody out there can help us and this little kid raises and he said me and he said it with confidence while and then he picked up a slingshot he picked up a handful of rocks and he ran out there and then he looked at china designees to one power hitter right in the forehead during just fell boom and it was over just like that prescott that offense that defense dan quinn there now. We know what that defense was last year wild but if that divas can just be just hold on just a little bit with that office that was average of four hundred and ninety eight yards a game man they could be potentially be david they could potentially get the job done that. Not only in week. One against tampa. But we're talking about all year. See i agree with you. Brand and one little addendum to that story turns out..

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