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Once again for two tickets for the investing class call nine five two eight one four forty four ten or OTA men dot com that's O. T. A. M. I. N. N. dot com if you're just tuning in Alice shedding some light on how you know why it's so important to have the confidence and learn a strategy during these volatile times you know it and also during non volatile times because the market do we go through those berries we have also appear is we have had times when the market is kind of almost sleeping in you you can make money in any one of those market conditions you're right there's different assets were you can do that where you can make it will go sideways you you got to have that strategy for that up down and sideways market and when you do it you don't care what the market does you just do what it tells you to do you need a plan and you can't just play on that buy and hold strategy yeah you know in when you do that the only way to make money then is when the stock or the mutual fund that you're holding goes up in price you know in the market goes down it goes sideways so actually you only have an opportunity to make money one out of three directions you know we prefer to to put the odds in your favor and show you how to have the opportunity to make money in three out of three directions great probabilities for you all have you ever wondered how do you generate more income without a second job I mean it's summertime and who wants another commute during especially during construction season to another job yet whether the phone call from construction season right into winter yeah then you're driving through snow storms and ice that's not so great either that's the problem I mean there's only so many hours a day twenty four to be exact and last time I checked I use every.

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