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Yeah lockette from under yeah from undertake promotermanager manama nuts kissed my but we have free monitor yahya via a south thought i recognize that on barbour yet fuck i mean the part asset anyway we are going to why and i don't want there to be any kind of a lawyer while we're i can't believe there is one if i'm not with corey at the time now main no in fairness if it hasn't we're all their like my kids away there too so corby the least amount concerns but in a vacuum that's where i was going to happen on it yeah just bring him with the he's one of you know he's one of them i'll settle him up with the other bowlers was like i gotta tell you i think especially somebody that's the scandal but you right though there is some balloon the floor outside of wartime at aston cory goes shared it's a scandal is go outside of that context i would love to say cory go through that exact situation and a false alarm you're about to death threat and i'll tell you the time that ainhoa of you do it but i wish i like i wish has been enough to fake when we thought it was the morning after one of our shows please let that mother fuck her lyon rot here seattle have tax and and duty once come and i wanted to land on may that's what i'm saying is i don't wanna survive but like again like we are tom allegro an extra leg or just like i will deal with all the death of ram lobby tear me when we dropped bombs on japan we pray of some packets before though country just became atheist like it just use made an entire people give on there.

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