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The restaurant critic is gonna join us because costco is redoing their menu well you know they got rid of the pillsbury doughboy today they did that well what happened to him so smucker which is the company that owns like the jams and everything they're actually trying to sell pillsbury because they say they're trying to make lean because all americans wanna be lean now they don't wanna eat all these good stuff like the pillsbury stuff oh wow when you said that something happened to the pill pillsbury dough boy i thought kevin spacey get him to apparently not all right so in california we got a huge homeless problem it's not just it's skid row in downtown los angeles it's at skid river in orange county it's in palm springs it's in the san fernando valley all over the place and san francisco is now starting to lose conventions because people who come to the conventions feel like it's not a safe city for them to travel to and one big medical association based out of chicago said addio thanks but no thanks they're not going to san francisco and if you look at tourism in san francisco tourism at the mosconi center represents about one point seven billion dollars of san francisco's economy that is a huge problem for the city by the bay it's a huge problem for california joining us to talk about this is the columnist for the san francisco chronicle film matere phil thanks so much for joining us well it's an interesting topic and as you pointed out it's one that touches just about every community in california these days it used to be something that we thought was pretty much exclusive just to northern california the bay area san francisco but it's spreading to the central valley and it takes an emotional toll on everybody there's questions about health and some of these cancers in san francisco it's taking a financial toll as you pointed out you know forty million dollars convention said no they didn't feel safe on the streets of san francisco and you know we get a lot of press about our tech business up here being the big driver of the economy is the fact is the tourism is a nine billion dollar business total in san francisco and it hires most blue collar workers here and it is the biggest employer and so when somebody says no because what they're seeing or feeling on the streets that's news what's the city going to do about it and what's the state gonna do about it because if you look at the political hierarchy in the state of california a lot of the people who call the shots come from san francisco whether it's our us senators are in our current governor the are likely next governor the lieutenant governor nancy pelosi leadership in the state legislature a lot of them come from that part of the world what are they going to do about it well that remains to be seen i'm not sure they were going to do things the question is are they going to do anything to change it you know where to blame as well in the media years ago we came up with the term homelessness and that'd be catchall phrase for everything that was going on the streets whether it was somebody living in chance or somebody acting out because they're mentally ill or somebody using drugs or being neighboring and passed out it all got under the rubric of.

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