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Forecast at does look warm temperatures in the eighties. We'll see a mixture of clouds and sunshine overnight lows will drop down into the seventies. And then tomorrow better chance to see some scattered showers. Maybe a rumble of thunder as well. With high temperatures topping out right around eighty degrees sharply cooler on Thursday with highs topping out at sixty seven degrees as we welcome more fall like weather under wwl haywire. Meteorologist Suzanne, Oregon. It's partly cloudy and eighty four our top story Louisville's dome. Thief is back on the Ron. Here's Haley Hanson Barton Bishop was arrested at the beginning of July following a string of yard thefts in the highlands. Police say he would walk through people's yards before stealing items, including lawn ornaments, hanging plants bird, baths, and even lawn gnomes. He was facing sixty seven charges of receiving stolen property, but recently failed to appear in court. Louisville. Metro police are now warning residents to hide your gnomes and call police if you know of bishops whereabouts Healy Hanson, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S hurricane Michael is taking aim on the Florida panhandle expected to hit land tomorrow ABC's, rob Marciano is in Panama City beach may have not one not two but three evacuation zones here. They don't do that very often, which means areas. Well, inland are evacuating. Today in anticipation of this storm surge in the panhandle could be as high as ten feet. The new year will feature a new UN ambassador as Nikki Haley will resign in three months. Appearing with Haley in the Oval Office today. President Trump said Haley has done an incredible job and hates to lose her. Haley has been on the job since the start of the Trump administration after a contentious confirmation process Brett Cavanaugh began his duties as supreme court Justice hearing two cases today with the acrimonious and deeply partisan debate over his nomination. Now behind him Justice Cavanaugh took his seat at the end of the bench Tuesday morning, next to Justice Elena Kagan who years ago hired him to teach at Harvard is my daughter's also in the courtroom seated with family members of other justices, cavenaugh hearing cases, dealing with matters of robbery and burglary. Emily wral reporting. Anthony Weiner, the disgraced. Former congressman could be released from federal prison early. The new York Daily News says Weiner is doing time for sexting with a binder will be let out three months early due to good behavior. Weiner was sentenced to twenty one months for sharing lewd photos of himself with fifteen year old girl is expected to be released in may. Your next news update at two thirty. I'm Paul miles. Newsradio. Eight forty W H A S Kentucky Anna's,.

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