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Precedent they have just set Is Devastated 17 people in Los Angeles injured when a police truck carrying a stash of illegal fireworks exploded. Those items were detonated and you saw the resulting damage and the total catastrophic failure of that containment vehicle, LAPD chief Michael Moore. The vehicle was supposed to contain the material, but for some reason, did not. You're listening to ABC News now. Here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. The U. S Department of Transportation is a boarding millions to write an interstate 80 in the Sacramento area, representative John Garamendi said in $86 million Federal Grant will go to expanding the freeway lanes between Davis and downtown Sacramento. Officials say the 17 mile section of the road will have a manage lane that could be like the fast track lanes in the Bay Area. The project will take three years to complete at a total cost of $140 million. State and regional governments will likely seek a cost sharing plan to fund their part of the project. And Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg is delivering the state of the city address, the first since the Covid 19 pandemic began. Speaking outside the newly renovated Safe Credit Union Convention Center yesterday, Steinberg outlined his plans to address the homeless crisis, saying legislation for at least 5000 new living spaces is coming in July. That was a quick look at the latest news. I'm Johnny D. Agostini from the I Heart radio newsroom. Sacramento traffic alternating lane closures eastbound highway 50 Pioneer Bridge, The Captioning 99 Connector ramp until 11 A.m. and the 11th Street on ramp is closed until six A.m. five southbound Garden Highway off ramp is closed until 5 30 reduced lanes on south Um, five south of Highway 52 floor and wrote until six Stevens Avenue, off ramp and on rap closed until five h five reduced lanes in the L Grove area. Also between Southland Park Drive in Broadway until five eastbound foreign road on ramp and both foreign wrote off ramps are closed. Till five Seamus Avenue off ramp an on ramp closed and reduce lanes. Northbound five from near Highway 99 to Airport Boulevard until five traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Now Sacramento weather Plenty of sunshine today with a high of 88 to 92. Then tonight will be clear with a low of 57 to.

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