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Been in Shelley, Idaho, writes. I was thinking about the NFL players desire to kneel during the anthem. I started thinking about the significance of kneeling and realize I kneel when I pray. Kneeling is really a sign of humility and respect to something greater subjects knelt before their kings. I know we stand for the flag and the national anthem out of respect and tradition. But is it possible? We're looking at this kneeling thing with the wrong perspective? Very interesting letter, Ben. But I can tell you that the kneeling and not coming out of the locker rooms by the football teams. Have only one purpose and that is social justice. Many of the players in the NFL and 70% of them are African American believe we live in an unjust country, a bad country. A country where the police stalk young black men. I don't believe that. And my opinion should be respected Justice I respect other opinion. So when I'm Tuning in to see a sports game. I really don't want to see left wing politics. And that's what it's all about. Art in Charleston, South Carolina. Great town. Bill, Would you ever consider a killing slavery type of book? If you d'oh, you must include Charleston. Well, that's right. Charleston was a slave port while I wrote killing Lincoln. And that has a lot about slavery in it is a very honest book, and it's not a definitive look at slavery, but certainly you'll get a lot of information routes. Is a book that cannot be topped. All Americans should read roots. You remember the television Siri's, but the book by Alex Haley is really spectacular, So I'm not going to get into this territory because I can't top roots. Robert Carson City, Nevada, the capital of this state. Bill you have mentioned on more than one occasion that there will be large layoffs in the mainstream media networks after the election. I know it. President Trump loses. There will be no one of his stature to focus their hate on and I know the viewership is down because folks are tired of the hate. If Trump wins, he's still there for the haters in the networks to go after. So have I missed something? Yes, Robert. So my prediction is that if Donald Trump loses the election Few Americans are gonna tune into news on a daily basis Toe watch the Biden administration. So the audience is a fall anywhere from 30 to 50%. If Trump wins, then there's no more drama. The haters will still hate as you point out. And that's not going to stop. But there's no more will he win. Will you get him? Page will hear this Willy that you'll have Donald Trump for four years. John in Centralia, Illinois. Do you think it would be smart for President Trump to reply to Bob Woodward's book on Downplaying Cove? It? No. I think the best thing that President Trump Khun do for his campaign is to minimize the cove ID chaos. Matt Brian, Texas who's the best US president of your lifetime, and why Ronald Reagan. I wrote a book killing Reagan. I hope you read it. Ronald Reagan, Almost assassinated. Lost a lot of mental acuity. Maeda miraculously come back. I'm Bill O'Reilly and I approve that message by actually writing it in a moment, something you might not know..

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