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Sandras told the press after combs termination the white house had heard from countless f._b._i. Agents who lost confidence in komi countless. You can't even count them this zero. That's what countless means but the evidence does not support those claims so here's where muller just straight out says the president lied president told komi at their january twenty seventh dinner that the people at the f._b._i. I really like him. <hes> komi right no evidence suggests the president unheard otherwise before deciding to terminate comb sanders acknowledges to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything so that's all bullshit this way. You know we're we're muller says all all of his other reasons are fake. I can prove it yeah. This is what he's doing right now. You don't want to try to light a molar situation totally especially with all alleged stupid bullshit. You try yeah. He's like this time on this day. This <hes> can't even remember i like. I can't imagine having to remember for all of his lies on it to all the time he'll that's. I think why flip flops so much i think he forgets the share he's human but he's the best and muller also considered a why it was important into the president that komi announced publicly that he was not under investigation it was so important to trump and some evidence indicates the president believed that the eroneous perception he was under investigation harmed armed his ability to manage domestic and foreign affairs particularly dealings with russia. The president told me that the cloud of the russia business was making it difficult to run the country the president told obsessions and mcgann that foreign leaders would express sympathy to him for being under investigation and the dictators perception he was under investigation was hurting his ability to address dress foreign relations issues. The president complained to rogers the thing with the russia thing with russians was messing up was messing up his ability to get things done with russia and told dan coats. I can't do anything with russia. There's things i want to do with russia to combat round <hes> no with trade with isis but they're all over me with this and the president also may have viewed komi as in subordinate for his failure to make clear in a may third testimony. The president was not under investigation other evidence however indicates. The president wanted to protect himself from an investigation into his campaign the day after learning about the f._b._i. Interview with flynn the president had a one on one dinner with komi. <hes> against the advice of senior aides untold komi he needs. That's komo's loyalty and this is the part where muller said that while the loyalty ask itself might not have been obstructive act that it plays into intent in firing komi to protect himself from the investigation investigation so he's just so amazing that it comes up in previous po- potential obstructive act and that in itself is not an obstructive back but when you put it in context of firing comey <hes> and tainting a future director that your intent is then you know that it comes back under to prove intent on another obstructive act or a larger obstructive versatile pieces of evidence <hes> use them again and again like wardrobe separates ha when the president will give you one of those fashion plates different top different yet obstructive use mix them so when the president later asked komi for a second time to make public he was not under investigation. He brought up loyalty again same because i've been very loyal to you very loyal..

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