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Do we stop with the United Greek theater dream. Samal note of nightmares seriously humble. Please stop so they keep on giving it. It's thicker fifteen ram Baux much. We've got them on the ropes again and we'll just lean into them something. Something Joe. Cortez is needs to tell nope and stop this right. These these to stop this because it's just Halston just another unsurprisingly apprising lay woefully desperate performance. I'm sorry say well done Bungay took great Wednes- Leicester on United Limited sites on the day. Xinhua on what they can do but the four four two four foster half won't go into but first half they were so purim possession for most of the staff that kept giving it by the united and you can see the frustration on the side but united couldn't do enough wealth and the wrote ball. Was the sweat what you play to the full box. Particularly one BASAN. And he did some good bowls a great chance for one. Mata Anthony Moscow another occasion should have done better but apart from the neck poll pen goals wasn't exactly diving a boat gold them banks. He's hey the was unsurprisingly embarrassing again and I almost I'm almost lost for what's for less football club and for this football tatum on with us about Gordon banks diving around his heyday. This is almost historically bad. Now listen I said a few weeks ago with the hottest parts of our job has become become finding new ways to describe Manchester United. Because when just when you think or you hope that they're going to tune a corner that they're going to give you something to feel good good about they don't and the disappoint you and I think that that kind of disappointment is getting even even deeper and okay. Yeah you've got new poll you've got Rochford but when only gonNA show is standing on the sidelines post game press conference and seeing seeing that Manchester United kept themselves in the game against Liverpool up to the last king. If that's your tico that was progression and and why why that was so disappointing for me in particular is because when I came into the job I remember seeing that Manchester United need to have players on the field who are willing to take risks. Who are willing to try to play that threaten threadneedle ball who were the top or whatever it may be unthought? That's exactly what united wanted to hear on. The team responded to somehow. In twelve months go from a team that's trying to excite and willing willing to take risks all over the park and winning football games as no regress to Liverpool wistful in front of goal so therefore we kept ourselves in the game up up to the last week. It says a deep me about this football club and in particular this focus just quickly so cynthia boy saw all great start just before we came on air from Dinu story and England journalists since so Scott took over united have one fewer league games than bummbly. uh-huh that's that can tell the story Burnley's last winning all traffic in the English top-flight Julie a month before the Cuban missile crisis In nineteen sixty two we keep on hearing Ali. GonNa so shot is safe. Julie but patients must be wearing dramatically thin at least for the for the owners enough at Woodward's off the Iraqi declared. Maybe Alex Ferguson. Who are some points and you know? He's he's in the stands for most home games pretty much every home game. He was also a Liverpool at the weekend and he probably lids. It's maybe by the situation and for the fans as well. You have to feel for them because it's nauseous researcher but for the last six years this has been a dreadful football club but but before he safe. I can confirm that you again. And and he safe because one of the reasons that the on the stock market the the most a united shares somehow gone up in the last five weeks despite the poor things that we've seen on the page the steel by far some the stakes for football club the highest in the world by now so the money you still coming in. There's no problem by that for the Glazer family and for Edwards and on that on that side everything is good for for source care probably okay. Because he's former teammates in media here in England that probably still going to support him and tell us in his more time the club. We've said that they will back him up. Transfer window although we have seen nothing yet in this generally when he's crooked eye needs plays and he himself probably said that they were sending the game against against Liverpool at the weekend because they were only one down and that must've city always fields and very strong team against them in the leaker. Which means that they're going they're going forward? They're moving forward. It's so I'm not sure right. Now is a big mess from book ever. Ms Yesterday show Joe Roll over the because we had a full mall knee star analyst analyst rating she appraise the Roi was was was was the gold five-star. Because you know the present Reisen and the value if the club for the PAC for shareholders whilst what's happening on the football field A Shambhu the debiting transfers again Bruna Fernandez is still Is still there. And the melting pot has not Hartman. They want more money United Willing to pay the stadium field but bottom line. That is the basics again. They lost a set piece. Ultra unfilled the weekend. And guess what when you play one of the things. The Grit facets of their game him as the basics. The set sees the attacking the ball and they couldn't cope and Harry Maguire. When would and then school the great goal? They paid the penalty if a lot less than me and Turkovsky performance of till fashion centre-half blood uh-huh and gods and snow. They wanted to talk about ball and had the basics. I don't see any of that from united. Never mind the quality so disastrous night for a little better for for Spurs Shankar. They got a late winner from the Ming Song to get over the line against Norwich city. It was this. Was this convincing from Joel. Merino team not overly convincing US renewed when you consider the opposition but Norwich. I've shown that they have a surprise in them and once they it goes back to one one you just wonder about food and especially given how much they've been flagging over recent weeks themselves but song got the winner thanks apparently deflection. That is getting three points as a variety no and while we still talk about Manchester United it and how poor they are. They're in Fifth Chelsea. Who seemed to keep wanting to shoot themselves in the first and most convincing of transfer windows themselves you still within touching distance and the spin that again is not living up to their own their own expectation? I think this would fall under the label. Much watch needed win. Well especially Chelsea drop in points Last night they just had to get the job. Done questioning shocks the another not convincing But most of these teams have been pre it by the way one of the things you can gauge. By as the bean who have been on a great run elaborations against wolves the hobbit on a great run. But they've tried to Jackson and Ralph Ralph Hodgson Hotel at this season or two and a half months ago. The funds wanted him out the fines. It was a horrible done beaten all of a sudden. So I'm ten UNIN touching distance of the United States and the talk of this world and I the thing that tells a story about. These clubs are Compared to where clearly lester but more so steady and liberal talking off Leicester after a couple of defeats scenario. Big Big Win for them against your hammers Own Desperate need of points this league table and see where West. I'm just bought him three only by goal difference for less than expected result. I think the issue for them. The consent for them is body themselves and adding to a back injury list that you just wonder if Leszek and cope with day for me are the third best football team in the league and but can the is their squad deep enough to to deal with injuries. That's the big concern for them. Did he was a engineer. Kim Medical Engines these engines but Brennan Rojas after the game. I think said it doesn't seem to CD's and but this amending the toll. Four on the other side David Moyes said well what I do. I get Wednes- well. I'm sorry but not with escorted players and Westheimer another club that they are another club. That think let's just keep hiring hiring and firing managers solution and actually played recruitment as well as a recruitment a soper. And so benny bit another clubs in the position of governor rethink the Hawk structure and ownership Well if you ever miss an edition of the show we have the audio podcast available bowl every day on the website. So Joel's apparently bacelona. IRA era chasing some cover for the injured. Luis Suarez. Couple of strike is on their radar. Rodrigo Marino from valentia perhaps more. Interestingly we're hearing they're tracking Abang from awesome what can you tell us yes oh told the. ESPN FC and we. We reported it on the website on the on Wednesday about the two targets for Rodrigo. Merano this probably that they've been looking for a long time. He's obviously a Spanish International. He knows they're doing very well. They know him very what as well and he was very aclu to joining us in the summer and in the end I think they you almost happen and just happen for for muscle of hours or days but he was very close to leaving Valencia who clubbing turmoil at the time. If you remember so I think the door open for him to Valencia and it could be an interesting one embassador enough Obama Obama young. They've always liked him for a long time. I think people are declared of every walk. A clinical striker is obviously. He's only only has eighteen. Months wants left on his current contract. Our snow so maybe they're thinking that evening John Negotiating with with also they could get a decent price for he also would expect us to just not for sale. And then maybe revisited. In the summer I don't know but there's only the two players that they are looking got the most not to replace like you said swallows at least to deputise for surveys through these is injury and then come next season maybe Suarez. He's not getting any younger. Maybe having then to fighting for that position as a as the clubs and send a strike around the globe so it to to to to targets that we have to keep a close eye on you have to imagine Asta will do everything that well to prevent trump has depends how much of the itchy feet scenario. The Obama young guests. No one's made comments hence recently. Excuse me he is the best player clearly the best goalscorer but listen. I'll tell you it's going to have to try and and sell the club to them if that's the case but even when offs nowhere in the poem another clubs in the primarily when the.

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