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So we'll do it but it's not always pleasant and so where can people find you're you're you're at the la zoo sending one sees a cool a cooler could chick like super pretty super apparently girl fake wind in her hair always i always look fresh as a daisy the marks on my outfit are not boob at all they're totally just like dirt i'm usually if a chimpanzees of mahalia mountain and if if i do keeper is not around or accessible our education staff is excellent and they are spread out oliver this they were most of them have knowledge about the animals all over this so like seek someone out if you the questioner commoner concern like really most of the time we have a very logical answer for things and if we don't we can always get the information to you for sure so as always find smart people ask them questions yes we're normally pretty nice and as a footnote if you are curious about how you could make an impact or how you can contribute to great ape conservation a couple of ways number one don't use companies that use great apes in their products or advertising or animal shows don't pay to take a selfie with a chimpanzee don't perches a birthday card that involves a chimpanzee wearing sunglasses on it you can also learn about the situations that chimpanzees are facing in the wild by going your local zoo or you can like the facebook pages for the jane goodall institute or the world wildlife fund and the other thing you can do that i never even thought of but check four palm kernel oil in the ingredients of things you eat.

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