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Hope that that will or whatever it was they saw in juniper takes hold we had been like yanked out of our lives and out of everything that we recognize yeah i've our jobs our house are we just been trapped into this i could science fiction nothing was recognizable babysitting look like babies now there's one baby that had his intestines outside of his body like piled up on his belly like in his back and everyone's where he uniform don't who anyone is everything's like beeping and humming in can you don't know how you're going to be there and you don't have any sense of time like dan i don't mean anything and you know or sort of dimly aware of the sun rising and setting out the window but other than that it's just it's just like minutetominute howard how're you afraid to leave even for you for an hour to get so much because the baby hit die if we went home to get some sleep would she should die miss that critical path and she had roughly five six days that went pretty well and then that next weekend she blew a whore tested that was the real beginning of law problems and her belly turned dark and got real distended were inserting drains in the belly to try to a drain away thus dual dunk and she just had this little straw sticking out rebelling and then they couldn't maintain your blood pressure so i was thinking of everything i could do because you don't want to feel powerless as situation like that you want to feel like there's something you can do so in quiet moments with tom ado chapter one the boy lift is he would stand over juniper's incubator and he would read her harry potter mr mrs verse have number four that dr were proud to say that they were perfectly normal thank you very much.

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