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Scoring getting it done doing all the right things in playing the right way. Playing a patient game against Toronto. And a six to one lead that something John Cooper is going to be pretty happy with with his group kucherov does have one assist tonight. But you're right, usually when at six and he's looking at more than one point. Lightning have gotten goals up and down the roster tonight. Here's Jake MAs into the lightning in looking for Taveras. But elite whistle for an offside against the Maple Leafs eleven twenty four meaning it is six one. So the Johnson two goals. So that line is two goals. But Sara Lee is a goal. A lot a goal for the stamkos line, and we just saw at school with the fourth light. Johny Gordon, contributing on both sides Cedric Paquette goals and good to see him get on the scoresheet. He's moved around a little bit. But again, a beautiful place shorthanded, and the nice thing could the lightning to it's so hard to pick apart anything from their game. But they haven't had to rely on their special teams even winning these high scoring games even looking at Ottawa five to one victory but six to one tonight and a beautiful short handed goal. Not relying on the power play to get them on the scoresheet had only one power-play chance. One penalty kill as well. For one of the power play the killed up the penalty as you alluded to Kelly did score shorthanded, right? Hanes the net. Left wing Morgan Riley marches to the red line in the lighting zone. Oh, poke check Brayden point well defended again by the lightning-quick job on the right wing crossed the blood Comoran left circle barrels into the left corner where he's checked by Morgan Riley, Grizz Yeltsin, Alexa. Overnight at it's got to the third lately. Six one yacht since past center blocked by Ruta who is to assist tonight. Don, sit in Matthew's dolls it out Rueda deliver the puck into the lightning far corner. For covert back on route on the right wing lighting ski left or right in the third. His Colbert roughly Matthew Josef Broz as Rudo marches to the red line rips. It in hard around is gonna come back to Cobra left point shoot save. Nick garrett. Sparks no rebound. Ten sixteen left. Six one lightning. The lighting really taking over right now. Toronto trying to get things going in the neutral zone. They're cheating a little bit and the lightning doing good job defensively at stepping in on some of those attempted passes and forcing them to play in their own zone. Sara Lee cadre. To the right of Garrett sports who's been responsible for the last two goals, Lloyd sports rally tossed, so it's Matthew Joseph cadre. One by the Leafs. Martin Marin chin buying the Toronto net hammers it out to Patrick Marlowe at center short pass Connor Brown back incident. I too it is Cockburn by the lighting net from route up the far side held in Oregon right point shoddy kind of whipped on it that he stays with the puck right circle for Connor Brown gets deflected away. By Cobra round has the left circle of Marin shoots pats made by Vassilis traffic around Cobra looking to clear it. Lockable at for caloric bounced off his stick pressure. Here by Toronto Connie Brown of the right circle quarter Marlow of corner cadre nauseam cadre banks Marin Martin Marijn looks for shooting lane. He shoots blocking and Ruta. Joseph all gathered the puck maneuvered up the middle, and it's finally out of his own Marijn immediately rips it back in the leaves are getting a change that will allow the lightning also at least a change up front. Rudas tease out to play the puck lightning. It gives the headman long toss Yanni Gortat said is to flex it. In with nine fourteen remaining finding of added to their lead here in the third. Six one Jake Muslim nearside it's Trevor more ramming into the red line pocket had lost two more than gives right back to podcast.

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