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What's funny is i spoke to The woman. I call my oracle this. So i was talking to her about all my plans for next year and she was like. That's great and it was kinda of cool because she was like you know what's funny is we try to control so many things where we decide like next year. This this this this this she was like that's fine and beautiful and you should have that intention set but leave things a little more open. You know sometimes for god to kind of work magic and and as things are moving and shifting in your life just leave room for those changes to have space and grace you know what i mean and so that it's not me trying to be so controlling the hand of fate so Because i was telling her like the different things. I wanna do in different places and even where i was moving to And you know and she said okay but what if it's not this country and that country. How would you feel and i was like yeah. Let me not be so rigid. Because you know that's how you set yourself up for disappointment to girls right. Yes it is it. But i did appreciate what she was saying. You know 'cause sometimes you can try to be so controlling of things and it's nice to just leave things more open to what the because we don't even know what imagine if i had said are moving to such such country in twenty twenty and then this came You know that would have thwarted. Everything and i would have been so hurt and disappointed. So i get what she means about just leaving enough room for grace so i have an idea of what i want. Twenty twenty one to feel like which includes me moving and just kinda like pivoting in some more Land family personal life being developed a little bit more pouring energy into those new chapters. That i think you know Need my attention But we'll see how the year fields because who knows how we see this come in so i'm also open to whatever god has in store for me how about you. Justin ross I feel just like. I do every year around this time. I'm just trying my best to be my best. I had some really mad shit lined up for this year. That ask like like you know and things will continue to. they will take place. It just wasn't just wasn't possible for them to happen. Literally this year So they will happen. And so i still have those beautiful beautiful things to look forward to and who knows what new opportunities will come my way or that i'll encounter along the way so i'm just renting remaining optimistic hopeful and try my best to be prepared and you know as equipped as i can be to you know just rise up to whatever my challenge is and i mean the good kind of challenge is not the bad guy so yeah that's should i'm on doug like you know i just wanna be Continue to remain authentically. Dustin while refining myself to like i said rise up to certain challenges and tasks and That's just what i'm on. I'm just trying not to cuss. Nobody out Trying to you know always have on clean socks. You know a few things that. I've been devoting my time to but definitely miss my family My parents are a little bit older. So i've been kind of staying away from them because i do live in filthy as new york and i just don't want to mix there Yes i have traveled. You know shot to crystal. Because she's going to let you let me in that house but still steal you know and That's it a scientist. I really wish i could be more specific. Kinda feel like i'm talking in circles. But i don't know i can't so but i'm just excited. I had some great things plan like out. You know what fuck it. I'll spill the beans on one thing. So one thing that i was going to do this year was i was going to do a stand up comedy tour okay. We had like cities picked event. News picked all that shit and we did not announce it but on the flip side number one. I feel like. I can write a better forty-five minutes set now number two. I have so much more material to us and be inspired by when i do take the stage in that way number three. That may not even look like a traditional stand up routine anymore. It may have evolved into some sort of one man show or there may be other performance elements. That have materialized at this point so sometimes you have to hit pause but when you press play again is even better than it was intended to be first so has kind of the lands. I'm looking at you know. And that's just one thing that i was really looking forward to this year. I love being on stage connecting with people. No i love to laugh and nothing brings me more joy than making other people laugh so it was like a natural fit for me to alex. Radio we just been cooking and working hard. So i'm just i'm looking forward to next year and i'm damn sure looking forward to twenty twenty two thank you so you both hit like on the head. I just needed to know if you were the tight because the to whether you the type to really plan ahead. Their manner like all right well. I'm going to do this from this quarter or whatever or do you just kind of I'm the type of person rather my what my processes. I like to just take in as much information as possible and kind of figure out. How wanna move from there as opposed to appropriate planning. It's not necessarily the best. But i just always liked to have information whether i wanna use that are not so when i do get in certain spaces. It's hard for me to share my thoughts and opinions without it being. It's hard for me to leave with opinion and just leave it like it's like letting go with something like whenever we work projects like editing a movie or something having to trim the fat like if you have to get a music video down four minutes and i'm sitting up here at four minutes and five seconds. It's gonna take me days to figure out like why what's going to be important about cutting these five seconds. If you know my vision. I feel like have extended these five seconds. It's just very hard for me to plan certain things because i just feel like always to have information so it was great this year. Everybody had to stop like everybody that plan and everybody that needs something Not necessarily for me period but like you know needs to meet something like weather from the world or for themselves like everybody just kind of had to reset. Nobody was in this mode of well..

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