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Perfect that's like love it and that's how a perfect love story so the story got published in the new yorker as you point out you weren't a competitive pressures because the new york times some great reporters there jodi kantor megan twohey will work how did you feel and i know you wrote a little bit about this in the new yorker when you saw harvey weinstein escorted out of that cop house handcuffed and put into a into a limousine you know i get asked that a lot david and the honest answer is i don't know that i felt anything partly that was just a practical matter because i was immediately pulled into turning out the piece on the behind the scenes story of how the investigators pursued these charges going back to this break much had something to do with your piece they there was a name in your piece who turned out to be of a woman who turned out to be a central character in this case so what happened was we ran this story and the the very first allegation in that story was from a young woman named lucia evans who did a very brave thing speaking about it and it was tough for her but she wanted to support these other women and was obviously very cr edible or she wouldn't have been in that story and the police had the same reaction and the day after the story ran the nypd cold case squad you know approached her and said you should tell the story on the stand as well and that's a wrenching decision to make because for her it means potentially years of getting smeared and torn apart on the stand and having her credibility attacked and i think the fact that she has decided to go ahead with that is a real active public service for you the things that followed i mean could did you have a sense that when you publish this piece that it would spawn the kind of movement that we've seen.

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