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See it's it is there's very few things that make while wattez sense for march but that's the stuff that you're kind of thinking of uh be kinda surprised would be if any kind of a new phone because when deserved when does the benefit them to have that released in march as opposed to later in the year but that's just a guess the distant stoorikhel they did the original iphone se um in at a small town hall event in march a few years ago and then last year last year they did the red iphone 7 which you know you don't think the color really matters but a lot of people color really matters and it using a new colors like andrew zimmer new design and people get super excited so when you call her for iphone eight or iphone ten as specially because this year the the the word on the street about the samsung galaxy s nine is that it it is not a very incremental update is not while whizbang entirely new design very similar very and they might not want samsung sort of owned the spring discussion about telephones also the iphone se isn't a fall the unthinking though the iphone he's not slipping futher selling me in the united states fleischer telling abc's yup a but it's it's it's designed to appeal to people to markets that aren't going for the thousand dollar phones and typically does not the united states are that's not the us and europe so what what event is happening in march but they would like to piggyback onto that's in let's say india where you really have to deliver lots of value from the money nor to have big success or at least have a pet aftermarket success.

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