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Out to me. You'll find me on linked in facebook and twitter. Love to hear from you. So have you ever wondered when you're working with your bank for example and they send you a text message to authenticate your identification. What's going on behind the scenes of that text message today. We're gonna find out. And i'm pleased to welcome paul rupert. Who's the ceo of global point. View paul welcome to behind. The numbers did great to be here. Thanks very much for the invitation. The opportunity to have a conversation with you and your years this. Yeah my pleasure. Why don't you tell the audience a little bit about who you are. And then we'll dive in sure so i've been involved in the telecommunications business the mobile telecommunications business for a little over two decades i was able to get involved in it early on and helped launch one of the first. Gsm operator is in north. America which is now known as. At and t. And held a number of multidisciplinary roles including sea level roles. Both in fortune one hundred companies like. At but also private equity owned enterprises and even ranked cuckold startups building. Them out to building one out. Two billion dollar valuation all in the context of moving text messages so sms. As you just talked about in terms of how all this works can be kintu. Who builds the roads and who delivers the packages. And i've been involved in companies. That do both gotcha and one of the terms that i know. We're probably going to touch on. We probably should just define it. Right now is as a concept called. Cps communication platform as a service. What else do we need to know about that. Acronym soc- past is essentially a blending of the different types of platforms in which human beings all utilize to communicate digitally electronically via telecommunications and that includes Obviously the most prevalent is voice that we all have been using for century. Plus but now emerging relative to sms or text messaging and those recently obviously in the context of what we're doing right now is the use of video but also the use of direct connections with messaging applications such as whatsapp or line. Orca cal or wishing or fiber etc apple business. Chattan other one As well as email and now in emerging technology relative to artificial intelligence and machine learning being applied to what are called chat bots so see past essentially blends in all these different functionalities and platforms in which people choose to communicate with customers. they're friends etc As as they wish if you will yeah thank you for that. So companies are always trying to find ways to communicate with their audience and their their customers. Right ball where does the text message fit into that whole realm of communicating with customers. I'm a little bias. But i would say that a text messaging is past present and future relative to the engagement of n consumers or customers both on a consumer basis as well as on an enterprise base. And it's just going to become more prevalent now even have machine to machine tut messaging that occurs. So it's essentially the means in which as i say a customer. The company can retail to their consumers and give an amazing amount of flexibility as to how that consumer wants to engage with the customer. It all depends on the use case. But let's say for example. If you've got a warranty issue relative to your mac you might want to send them an email or you might want to send them a or mega telephone call or you can also use a text messaging to be glued gauge and by utilizing text messaging. It frees up the conversation and the resolution of you as a trouble. Ticket in the sensitive becomes a synchronous meeting. It's not me waiting for somebody to be freed up on the customer care side and then being able to present a problem that then gets addressed by a customer care representative who then may pass you on to technical representative which could last hours and instead you can send that text message in the same context of i've got a problem with and computers can actually the artificial intelligence of can actually determine your sentiment why you might actually be sending that text message and then it also will be addressed by customer. Care rep In the time allotted so you might send that text at six in the morning and he might get an answer six in the evening to be able to address that instead of you burning up your time and wasting your time for that interaction in eight. More synchronous motors. I call it yeah interesting. So there's there's the trade off there of the potential of reaching somebody immediately but we all know how that usually works when you get involved in any kind of a customer service loop but if you're dealing with the problem that you as the consumer feel is more urgent. Does that lag in time. The timeliness of the respond patchy determine again not only in the context of the criticality of the message and the type of use case so specifically in your example if you are engaging eight banking transaction and there is a a a charge allocated to your count and you want to be able to get that result immediately that would have a higher priority of engagement by the customer. Care rep or the customer care call center then if you were just making it inquiring about your ipod your ear pots and having an issue relative to after you throw them in the washer inadvertently in relative to your warranty. So there's a hierarchy in terms of the types of engagements. But as i mentioned earlier the other side of this the back end of it is the additional digitalization and automation of how to be able to address. Innocent customer care setting and they're even knock on effects for the customer care call center because call centers have about one hundred percent turnover about every three to four months according to those who are active in space. I've consulted to a couple of call center providers and so this kind of a synchronous activity alleviate some of the pressure on the call center representatives and they feel more satisfied in their job and they have a higher degree of performance in their job and they tend to stay on longer so there are a lot of secondary or knock on effects that are benefiting from the use of text messaging as an engagement tool. That's good stuff. So let's address that question that i alluded to in the opening if you don't mind paul. So when we're working. When i'm working with the bank and it sends me that text message asking me to enter. You know five or six digits to authenticate that. I'm really legit. What's going.

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