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You know I'm GonNa get a chance to start here and you know they. They they conveyed. The sense of trust is being so meaningful salty yet. I think that's an amazing thing that that your family took on. Your Dad took on Created a rule change. And you know I probably has to be some politics in it. Because they're probably some owners that don't want to hear about that right. They want to do what they WANNA do. They don't want to go by. What other teams are doing right? So for him to be not only A great owner a great leader for your organization but then to also be a great leader for the whole. Nfl Man. You must be really proud. I am the rule is now gone beyond Amazon uses it Goldman Sachs. So it's kind of cool to see that legacy go beyond football and that to me really indicates it's it's even more so now in you do your keynote speeches and you go out and talk Is this a part of it when you're talking to companies or do you try to integrate it if they want you to talk about something else because it is important? You know with immigration. We're all immigrants in one way or another and You know some companies you know. See it one way and other companies. See it another way. Do you feel like that's a little bit of your responsibility when you make those stocks. I absolutely now. I try to pay attention. If there's going to be a lot of resistance talk about it more in relationship to change and and having different opinions out you know in the marketplace. You'RE GONNA have different opinions. You can have different points of view. WanNa be able to serve the market. You better have some mindset. That is not just a singular mindset. So so talk about it. From that standpoint. Other folks have become in and talk about diversity per se which. I'm not an expert in. I try to bring an expert with me of. That's what they want me to do. But but when I'm talking to the corporate world talk about my father's work in hiring I talk about his work and changing culture. I talk about his work. In negotiating those were sort of three of the main core competencies he has and you know the hiring is is it. Is it really easy story to tell you? Hire three coaches in in fifty years. I know you were on a couple of teams struggled. You might at three coaches in one season. I know I mean that happens right. I mean look at the browns. Now you know they go through coaches every year. It's like what there's gotta be some consistency and I think that when you know your book when you talk about the long game that part of it right is the consistency. We're GONNA have ups and downs. But we gotta have good credible people that are running our team so that those ups and downs are GonNa come but it's always going to be the same that we can handle and deal with. Well maybe you can give perspective on this but I talk about him walking down the aisle of the of the plane after we lost and I saw him do that one hundred times and we would. I would talk about. He said look. I just want people to know you. Don't lose your cool. You know you're going to have bad days. Things are going to happen. That doesn't mean we're not committed to a championship. But you can't be freaking out when things don't go your way because then you're not going to be prepared for the next thing. I don't know how you as a player would see that. But he felt that was really important valet. Stay and play on your next getaway to Los Angeles. The Westin Bonaventure Hotel and suites offers effortless access to all the city of angels has to offer whether you're hoping to catch a concert.

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